Phones, Sleep, and Flares do not mesh.


Why is it that when I’m in mid-flare, hurting and exhausted, that I have a hard time sleeping?

Why is it that when I finally fall asleep, I am woken up 10 minutes later (approx 2am) by a series of text messages?

Why is it that when you get text messages at 2 am, you automatically jump up because you think that either something is really wrong or that someone needs a ride?

It was neither of those things. Instead, from a strange number, it read “hey there, what do you look like?” and “tell me what you’re wearing right now?” I got out of bed for this? Seriously? Ok dude who can only get girls by texting them inappropriate questions in the middle of the night, trust me when I say I’m looking really sexy right now- with my wet hair, glasses, no makeup, bags under my eyes, swollen ass fingers, monster bad mood- heck, I’m halfway tempted to take a quick picture and send it to you because that would certainly stop the madness. HOT! Instead, I turn the phone off. Problem solved.

So why is it whenever I get up in the middle of the night for anything except a bathroom break that the cat feels the need to barricade herself under the bed where I can’t reach her and do her best Oscar de la Hoya impression?

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  1. Hey Amanda!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s nice to see someone closer to my age with this disease (well, I’m sorry you have it, but you know what I mean!) I have had RA now for 4 years. I do spend most of the time ignoring the fact I have it, I don’t want pity. It is nice to read other RA blogs though, it has really helped me out and given me some ideas on dealing with the bad days.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    (kick that flare in the butt!)

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