The post where I mention that sometimes I’m not the brightest crayon in the box.


So it appears that this flare has been sponsored in part by…….(drumroll)………extraordinarily low levels of both potassium and iron!  With independent auditing provided by the phlebotomist at my doctor’s office! Major sponsorship provided by “Amanda’s an idiot who gets excited about needing less of the hard stuff and forgets to take standard supplements for months at a time.”  YEAH!

In my defense, I have disliked taking potassium supplements since a potassium overdose killed Rex on Desperate Housewives. 

Three days into renewed supplement taking, I feel tremendously better albeit still sore and swollen.  But the fatigue is not so bad.  In all honesty, it probably didn’t cause it….but it definitely didn’t help.  And I can actually tell now that I have probably been deficient for months now- the mental and emotional fog that I was blaming on the move….um, yes, three days into supplements is virtually gone.  And the bruises…..I have been black and blue since May.  Should’ve figured that part out too. Cringe inducing, isn’t it?

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  1. So glad you figured out what was going on and also glad the supplements helped!! Once the soreness is gone, the pain will ease and hopefully no more flares for a long while.

  2. Well here’s hoping that that gets rid of the flare as well as the mental and emotional fog, bruises etc. Pity it can’t also rid you of text-messaging sados! Don’t beat yourself up about it though – if you’re in an emotional and mental fog you can’t be expected to steer a clear course out of it!

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