Insurance Woes


But perhaps not the kind you think.

Yes, I did have a mixup with my xeljanz. Complicated by the fact that I use an old lady pill box and therefore only look at the actual bottles of medicine every 14 days and didn’t catch that I only had 3 days of xeljanz left. Also complicated by the fact that my insurance company switched specialty pharmacies and while all the correspondence said I would still get refill reminder calls and everything would transfer and business as usual, none of it actually happened that way. And final complication of my prior authorization expiring two weeks ago and rheumatologist is between practices ie the new practice doesn’t know me yet and there is nobody at the old practice who still knows me without me making a one time, really inconvenient last minute appointment.

Nope, none of those insurance debacles led to actual woes. They did however lead to lots of begging, pleading and finagling and the nurse at the old practice will obviously someday get the red carpet straight to Heaven because she was amazing and helpful and kind and hooked me up with samples to get me through.

No, the woes I’m talking about are auto insurance woes. Or more like my idiot neighbors insurance woes.

A week ago, around 1:15am, I was sound asleep in bed and woke up to hear a crash followed by what sounded like a car driving on gravel ending in a really really big crash. I then heard voices.

I jumped out of bed and ran to my window to see an SUV IN MY BACKYARD.

I grabbed my phone and called 911 and as I was talking to the operator, the two women in the car jumped out of the car and took off running. Less than 30 seconds later, another SUV pulled up and a man jumped out. He got in the SUV in my yard, backed it out and drove off.

I wish I had a copy of the 911 call. I am pretty sure you can hear my jaw drop.

The good part: I was able to get their plate number, I got them on my security camera (see below) tearing across my yard like a bat out of hell, and they left a chunk of bumper in my fence with their VIN number.

You can also see her nail my neighbors Ford F-150.

The bad part: they took out my fence and first estimate for repairs is almost $2K.

The funny part: the cops gave me their auto insurance information and apparently, the next day they had already called and reported that they were in a single car accident. I took great joy in setting that story straight.

So I’ve had my hands full the last few days with talking to their insurance company, making appointments to get several repair quotes, and am now waiting on their adjuster to come take a look next week.

I’ve also had to restrain myself because I totally figured out who did it, the Honda Pilot with the crashed up front poorly obscured in their backyard gave that away.

I also have her name and have so far decided sending her a Facebook request would be a bad idea. Mainly because all I want to do is post the accident video and tag her for some good old public shaming. So Gladys, this blog post is for you.

Unlike the nurse at my doctors office, Gladys will not get the red carpet Heaven treatment.

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  1. OMG, I got sued once. (I used to work for a city and I woudl get sued for some strange stuff), anyway this woman hit a fire hydrant, two parked cars, and wrecked into the side of a house. She sued me and the city saying the blinking light on the barricade was not operating.

    Which may or may not be true, I do not really know, but I do know,

    a, she was very intoxicated
    b, she was going over 60 in a 30, and
    c she made the police officers really angry.

    Her name might have been Gladys. I cannot exactly recall. Gosh good times.

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