Oh my long forsaken blog…I’m almost embarrassed to post as of late.  I’ve had a lot going on,both personally and professionally, all positive but I’ve lost sight of updating you on a regular basis.

Truth be told, I’ve lost sight of many things in my busyness.  My professional life is organized to the minute but my time outside of that is basically feral.  Insert pictures of wild animals.

I have lots to tell you…about life, about RA, about travels, about #Jointdecisions and the ACR meeting last month.  And I feel unworthy of reporting on any of those things because of my lack of consistency.

So here’s what I’m doing…I’m working to apply the same principles that make me successful at work to my blogging activities.  Give me a few days…still hammering out the details…but I still have a lot to say. I’m just tryon for the first time ever to put some structure around it. Please feel free to tell me what you want me to write about!

On a different note, the weirdest thing happened to me last night. I got home around 5:30, it was dark, but it was warm.  The pre RA in me said lets go running!!! The RA in me said no.  

I sat there for a few minutes and assessed my bodily answer to that.  And the answer was an overwhelming ‘try it!’  I double checked with my poor injured left ankle that has had 2 cortisone injections…and it was surprisingly onboard.

I thought and thought about it and remembered hearing another blog (holla Brit) saying not to focus on distance but to focus on one step after the other.

I ran for 15 minutes.  Sure, I was a sweaty, hacking mess but this morning, my bad ankle was fine.  And I was proud of myself.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been proud of what my body can do.

I hope to tell you more stories like that, along with all of the funny things I try that may or may not work.

Love and hugs!

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  1. Great job with the running! I’ve fallen off the exercising wagon lately but really need to get back to riding the stationery bike. I’ve got about 5 pounds I need to lose again (a cycle I go through every month when I take prednisone to be able to tolerate my remicade infusion). Well nice to hear from you!

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