Doctor/patient relationship questions


So, if you’ve been reading for awhile, you know that I’m involved with several organizations.

I’m working on something with #jointdecisions right now and would love your feedback regarding your doctor/patient relationship.  More details to come soon! But please give me some feedback on the below questions!
Whah has worked for you in building a relationship with your rheum, feeling confident that you made the right choice in switching and also how you sustain and grow that relationship with your rheum over time?

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  1. I fired the the first 2 and only rheumatogists I’ve seen. Neither listened to what I wanted to do and dismissed my alternative therapies I was interested in trying. That was in Jan 2015. Have an appt. with a 3rd rheum in 2 weeks. Hoping he will work with me and alternative treatments and do the tests/xrays that my insurance will pay for. And I will continue with my integrative and naturopath docs for my daily treatment plan. Ugh-uphill battle to get treated outside mainstream medical system (ie stuff that insurance covers).

  2. I was diagnosed in July, 67 – thought I was kind of old for something like this. I’ve only seen one Dr. and she has seemed fine. Immediately started me on 7.5 mg methyltrexate, extra fish oil, milk thistle plus lots of vitamins. She also gave me an eating plan to eliminate white flour, rice and sugar. Eliminate red meat. “clean” eating, anti-inflammatory foods, juicing. Started immediately – I was told methyltrexate would take 4-6 weeks to work. Within two weeks, I was so much better, followed her eating plan. I have Kaiser and I am happy with her. She said it wasn’t that I could EVER have the foods she suggested I eliminate but only about 10% of the time. Well, winter is here and boy do I notice the difference in my fingers with the cold weather. So, I guess essentially, I am happy with my care. She keeps tabs on me, makes appointments with me to see how I’m doing. My labs are OK.
    It was very disconcerting to essentially wake up one morning and not be able to move and be in more pain than I ever knew possible. Had no idea of my strong family history until I talked to a cousin.

    • Hi Karen-
      When you say clean eating, did this include eliminating dairy? I am trying to the whole foods way (avoiding processed foods like the white flour and sugar you mentioned). I would be interested to hear about the dosages of the milk thistle and vitamins you take…
      Thanks. I was diagnosed about a year ago and now starting my second biologic.

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