408 months old, 84 months spent with RA


So….a week ago, I turned 408 months old. Yes folks, I closed out the Jesus year. As always, I never miss an opportunity to mock the Mommy Bloggers. For some perspective, I have only spent 84 months of my life living with RA.  I kinda like that statistic; I’ve never believed that RA defines me and that number only adds fuel to my fire.

Height: 5’6…no changes here
Weight: -33 lbs with photographic proof. I’ve actually lost weight since this last photo was taken!

photo (9)
Language development: Concerted efforts to curb four letter word usage have been minimally successful. Example: I stubbed my toe at the office and exclaimed “GEEZO PETE.” This was, however, at the office, a place where four letter word usage has never been an issue. But still…it’s my blog so I call progress.
Nervous system: still need a twelve step program for caffeine addicts. The flip side of this is that I would like to retain my friends. Without caffeine, I may lash out so there will be no twelve step caffeine program attendance.
Motor skills: Much improved. This time last year, my wrists were so stiff and swollen, they looked like cankles. (Crists?) This time last year, I had a chronic limp due to ankle issues. This time last year, I had to hold on to something in order to go from the floor to stand or vice versa. Right now, I can do the caterpillar breakdance, do a gigantic karate leap up to standing, jump back and forth from one foot to the other while bending and flexing my wrists. Or something like that.
Mental/Emotional: I’ll admit here that I’m not in the best place right now and it has nothing to do with RA. I’m learning how to ask for what I want and not dwell on things…but y’all…that is easier said than done.
Goals: I want to continue taking care of me. I feel like I got a good handle on the physical this year; now I need to find a way to be happy again.
Reflection on the past year: The Jesus year was a difficult one. Not gonna lie. I got to do some cool things: took back my health, lost the weight again, went to St Maarten, learned how to stand up paddle board, kicked my soda habit, learned how to cook healthfully…but I’m currently learning some very hard lessons on who my true friends really are and what I need for myself.
The Theme for my 34th year of life: No More Toxicity

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  1. Well I suppose you could look it as two out three ain’t bad – you look terrific, you’re physically doing fabulously … now you’ve just to work on the third bit – feeling great emotionally. You may have left the trickiest one till last but you’ll crack it I’m sure!

  2. Getting rid of toxic people has also become a big goal for me as well. It’s like once you have gotten a handle on your RA, then you start looking around and seeing who is actually on board with you. And I have realized I cannot ‘afford’ the extra stress of people that are using me or constantly letting me down anymore, not with all the other stressors that RA brings! Good luck to you!

  3. Happy Birthday. You look fab and sounds like your Jesus year was one of great growth. The friends thing – we all have that revelation at some point and better sooner than later. Onward and upward. Thanks for sharing. You’ve given me some great inspiration. I’m active, but overweight and started WW today. I needed to see this.

  4. You’re doing things in the right order. Physical health has such a huge impact on every other aspect of your life, so it’s important to get that under control before tackling the rest.

  5. Hi Amanda. Happy birthday and welcome to 34, where I am, too. I’m thrilled that you’re feeling and looking so good! You are really motivating to me. I started meds 13 months ago (ha!) and am feeling much better myself, but I really want to get back in shape so that I can get back to hiking. I miss my life. :p Thanks for showing me how much is possible. You’re fun, too! I love your blog.

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog, and it’s been my best internet find in a while! I had a lengthy diagnostic process, and have been “officially diagnosed” since last December. My 2 RA buddies moved far away, so your blog has really given me hope, a few laughs, and someone to relate to!

    Thanks for blogging, keep it up!
    PS: I’m in Canada…your blog has gone international! But I’m a southern girl at heart 🙂

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