November Gratitude Challenge


Life has been busy and a bit tough since my last post. It can be very tempting, having a blog, when you’re done dirty to use it as a platform to throw that mother effer under the bus. So when I feel that way, I try my hardest to step away. But OH the stories I could tell…and the karma I could bring…for myself and my friends. But seeing as I’m hesitant to write about my friends that I love by name, I’m sure as hell not giving someone/thing I despise a moment of my written time.

Someday I plan on starting a completely anonymous blog wherein I right some wrongs. Look for Karma Squad: We Make Things Happen. LOL.

So, my attitude is in serious need of adjustment. To that end, I am trying my hardest to complete the November Gratitude Challenge. I will be writing about things I’m grateful for, some RA related and some not.

I welcome you to join me! I will be typing it out here and sharing a corresponding picture on my Facebook page. So follow along, like me, and feel free to share what you’re thankful for too!

Here’s my calendar:


First post will be up soon, and it’s a funny one!

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  1. This is a great idea, I’m going to give it a go.
    Just like to say I’m greatful I found your blog, diagnosis this year has been a journey and a half, it was so wonderful to find a voice my own age out there. So from a bad surprise to a nice surprise RA has given me a new community to belong to.

    • Thanks Deb- I’m glad you’re finding support in the community. Luckily (or unluckily), there are some pretty cool folks in the RA club.

  2. Sounds like a good plan! I’m grateful that I have had RA since I was 9 (for over 20 yrs now) so I don’t know the difference. I have adapted to my disease. I think it would of been a lot harder for me if I had been diagnosed as an adult. Sounds like a strange thing to be grateful of but I think of that often.

    • I’d never thought about that- I think you’re absolutely correct though. If I’d had it since childhood, I wouldn’t really remember or know any other way. And yes, sometimes that would make accepting it much easier!

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