No soliciting!


I hate that I have to post this BUT…

If you comment pushing a product, I will not approve it.

If I mention using specific brands or products, it is because they are actual products I use and not products I am being compensated for using.

If I were to ever post something about a product that I am compensated for using or writing about, I would note that.

As of yet, that hasn’t happened nor am I seeking opportunities for that to happen.

I try to keep this space true to my experience so please do not use the comments section for blatant advertising.  I get that we all have products we believe in…and that’s ok…and I am fine with you posting a link to your blog advertising such…but I am really not interested in approving comments that are basically advertisements.

I’m sorry if this causes hurt feelings but please understand and respect where I’m coming from.

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  1. I consider that spam! And no I am not pushing the can spam here 🙂 I agree with you 100%. I am fortunate in that where I write my blog, their website somehow has pretty much filtered out spammers for me and I soooo appreciate it too.

  2. Yes, those of us with RA already deal with plenty of people pushing their favorite snake oil “cures” or theories about why we have RA (I had one person in an elevator tell me my RA was due to “internalizing my emotions.”) I’ve lost count of how many people have offered me a sure-fire cure… just have to buy a bottle or jar or bracelet or lotion or…. you get the picture. So, yeah, no spam = good plan 🙂

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