Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s been a whirlwind year, hasn’t it?

I spied something more rare than a unicorn at my infusion right before I left town on Wednesday.

The mythical OMG SOMEONE MY AGE also getting an infusion. I felt many emotions: shock, awe, curiousity…disappointment that I wouldn’t be the center of attention that day.

I kid. Kinda. But don’t you like it when you go in and you’re the only patient too? SO MUCH faster… plus you feel like a celebrity because everyone sits and talks to you and brings you unlimited crackers.

Anyways. I was starting to feel weird because I kept trying to subtly watch her. Like me, I could see no physical evidence of illness although the needle in the arm was certainly abnormal. She looked like someone I’d be friends with!

I was getting ready to introduce myself when the nurse came in and said the Dr needed to see me before we started.

Great! I knew she would be gone when I got back and hated that I was missing the chance to make a new RA friend. PLUS, I wanted to make sure nobody thought I was creepy and weird for staring.

But seriously! The mythical person my age with my disease sitting in the chair in MY clinic!

A very rare sighting indeed.

I met with the Dr and when I had returned to the infusion room, I had all but forgotten about my unicorn friend. Plus, I will admit to being secretly thrilled to regain my VIP status.

The nurse came over and, in the midst of starting the line, said ‘oh! I almost forgot! The girl who was here earlier asked about you after you left. Here’s her info, she said she’d love to talk if you ever need it.’


I am thankful for so many things. Friends, family, pets, opportunities. And I am also thankful for random acts of kindness that are bigger pick me ups than you may realize.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! And I totally get the OMG factor. When I was first diagnosed with RA at 16, I never saw anyone who wasn’t elderly in the waiting room when I went for my rheumatology appointments. What’s worse is that the Rheumy department was right next to the family planning clinic, so all the elderly folks would look at me funny when I went to sit in the arthritis area instead of over on the other side with all the younger women.

    Hope you’re having a mellow and stress-free holiday season (it is possible, honest!). Good luck with the unicorn, too!

  2. Haha I’ve still to see anyone my age at my clinic. Once I saw a 30-something, that was exciting. I kept staring at her too. I know lots of people in their 20s with RA though from my local arthritis youth group, but if it wasn’t for that I’d think I was all alone. Hope you make a good friend!

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