Queen of the Couch


Lady of the Lounge Chair.

Princess Sits-On-Her-Ass?

I don’t know…that last one sounds like an Indian name.

I’ve been trying to describe the phase that I’m in right now and those seem closest.

Until this year, I’ve always found myself starting September over-involved, over-committed, and in some cases, double booked.  Networking groups, young professionals functions, volunteering with Habitat, volunteering at a thrift store (so I could see things as they were dropped off, LOL), planning a silent auction for a service organization, serving as social advisor for my old sorority at my alma mater, participating in an alumna chapter for my sorority, participating in alumni club functions for my alma mater, you name it and it was probably in my planner.

I started getting sign up emails and evites over a month ago for my normal events.  Do this, spend 3 hours here, sign up to do 1 weekend every two months here, attend this volunteer training event….

It started really stressing me out.  The thought of committing to additional activities exhausted me and one day, reading 4 emails from 4 different people on things they needed me to agree to do actually made me a little panicky.

So I did something more than a little bit unprofessional and more than a little bit unlike me:  I deleted the emails unread.

I just couldn’t read another one.

And now I find myself on September 1st signed up for…not a damn thing.  And surprisingly, that’s also made me a bit panicky.

I didn’t intend to drop anything.  I have the energy to do all of it.  But with this flare (which is finally starting to subside considerably), I think that I’ve spent my whole summer ‘pushing through it’ and suffering the consequences of extreme fatigue.  So now that I’m not so tired, I want a Burger King life: my way, all the time.

And maybe that is not such a reasonable thing now that I don’t have an inbox full of people asking me to do things.  Maybe it’s not a good idea for me to plan on spending my free time on my couch at age 30, single, with my cat.  Maybe it’s the plot of one of my favorite movies.

Helloooooo Hugh Grant.

I think I need to try to find a balance.  Not overprogrammed but not a sloth. So now I’m trying to scramble to quickly sign up for a couple of things that are not as significant of a time commitment.  Oh yes, and apologizing to people who probably think I died because I never responded to anything.

I’m so sorry….

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  1. 🙂 🙂
    It’s good to have a break once in a while. Who knows what might come up that in the past you would have needed to decline; now you’ll be able to accept.
    Enjoy your rest!

  2. Know the exact feeling – dreaming of sleeping all day when you’re busy but once you can sleep all day, you’re bored. Grass is always greener, for me anyway!!

    I think spending time with your cat sounds great though. I LOVE CATS…like, sometimes more than humans. Hope you’re having a fun but also chilled weekend!

  3. It’s ok to slow down, I hardly think that you qualify as a sloth though lol. I used to over extend myself, I don’t do near what I used to do, but in slowing down, I now enjoy things more.

  4. I am really bad about finding balance between doing for others and taking time for myself, I always have been. Over the last few months I have not made too many commitments ahead of time, but if something comes up at the last minute and I feel good, then I will get involved.

    But I do spend a fair amount of time lounging in bed with my dogs and a good book too.

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