Happy Labor Day!


I am finally back in town and frantically doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, and recovering from my Labor Day mountain jaunt.  So check back tomorrow night to hear about that girl with RA who got tricked into hiking over 6 miles in one weekend and did not die but who had a really hard time hiding contempt for the person who suggested said hike during the last mile.  And also, enjoy some pictures that I worked awfully hard to get.  Because in spite of how ticked off I was at the whole 6 mile thing, I was also totally geeking out at how beautiful Western NC is and how lucky I am to have grown up/moved back here.

View from the top of Fontana Dam, Fontana Lake, NC

Tail of the Dragon

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

Blue Ridge Parkway near the Nantahala Outdoor Center

Lower Falls at Graveyard Fields on the Blue Ridge Parkway

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  1. Beautiful scenery!
    Choosing a hike because you’re doing well is great; being tricked into six miles would make me never trust the person again. Hope you recover speedily.

    • For real. I’m more tired than sore though so that’s a pleasant surprise. I think he thought I was being lazy. His perception has been corrected.

      • He was visiting me in Scotland! And now he’s in Paris..
        He studies in a place called Chapel Hill, not sure if that’s near you. But he’s from somewhere called Rocky Mount…

  2. Love heading out to western NC! It’s a nice break from the Triangle, that’s for sure. All your pics are making me want to take off the rest of the week and head out there. 😀

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