To whoever keeps making it freezing and rainy here…



My fingers are swollen, my feet hurt, and I feel really bad for that woman who cut me off in traffic this morning.  I forgive you for that if you forgive me for showing you a certain swollen finger, k?

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  1. It’s like that here, too – damp, rainy, windy, cool.

    There’s also a public transit strike in my city, so traffic is even more horrendous than usual. Ugh.

  2. Hi there, my name is cha – I am 24 y/o and I have had rheumatism for 6 years now – I have my right hip and my right elbow replaced, and i need my left elbow replaced very badly but im scared, because my hip joint had popped out after i got it done in august by a quack doc. there are so many things us young people have to worry about.. like dating, dealing with boyfriends who are not understanding, etc. no one ever talks about it.
    I am glad you are blogging about your condition
    On a scale from 1-10 on people with rheumatioid arthritis, my disease is about a 9 on the severe scale
    things have been really shitty for me, prednisone seriously f*cked me up, so whatever you do stay off of it if you can. Also, being a non-dairy vegetarian for 13 years really messed me up too because it really sucked the calcium right out of my bones, along with my prednisone. keep fighting!

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