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If you are what you eat…


As part of my redemption from unfulfilled contractual obligations, I wanted to talk a little bit more about my diet, how I’m doing, and how I see it affecting my RA.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m trying my hardest to follow the Paleo diet which means eating only lean meats and proteins and fresh fruits and veggies.  No glutens, no processed foods, no dairies, and no sugars other than natural sugars.  Oh yeah…and also no alcohol. In all honesty, it’s been an easier diet to follow than anything I’ve ever tried before.  I think partly it’s because I’ve bought several books but also because I have a friend who’s doing it with me. But I’m not going to say that I’m perfect at it.  I think I’ve developed a new phrase for our joint Paleo dieting: those who EAT together, CHEAT together. Yep, we’re FAR from perfect!

One of the biggest challenges is that I really don’t cook so to say that I’ve learned a lot is an understatement!

  1. I actually don’t like things cooked with lots of ingredients.  I tried making several things that were “fancy” and did a fairly good job of it…but they didn’t taste good to me.  As soon as I scaled back my ambitions from triple roasted broccoli braised with virgin gorgonzola made by elves to just plain old steamed broccoli, I began to like most of what I made! And SCORE because that is so much easier!
  2. And yeah, I have no frigging clue what triple roasted broccoli braised with virgin gorgonzola made by elves is.  Nor do I understand what the hell smart chicken is. I do not care about the IQ of my fowl. In my world, chicken is grilled, fried, or baked.   Also while I’m on the subject, I do not care about the sexual habits of any of my food…I will eat it virgin or not.  Whatever that means.
  3. I do not like brussel sprouts.  Not raw, not boiled, not roasted, not grilled, not spiced, not un-spiced.  I just do not like them.  SEE WHAT ALL THOSE HOURS SITTING AT THE DINING ROOM TABLE FOR REFUSING TO EAT BRUSSEL SPROUTS DID TO ME, MOM!!!!! It’s just not going to happen.
  4. I have a tendency to overcook things…ever so slightly.  My kale “chips” that were supposedly done according to the recipe when they turned bright green…were more like little black kale brickettes.
  5. I have got to learn how to eat fish.  Except that I hate it and have no idea how to cook it.  I attempted seared tuna the other day and my dinner guest said it smelled like cat food.  And he was correct.

BUT I’m starting to have more successes than fails! Some of my favorites so far:

Steak seasoned only with garlic powder and pepper, plain zuccchini squash.

Chopped apples cooked on the stove for two hours with a little bit of water and a lot of cinnamon (no sugar).

My all time favorite- chopping up a bunch of fresh veggies and a red onion, wrapping them in foil, and tossing them either on the grill or in the oven.  No spices whatsoever required because of the red onion!

How I’m handling lunches…pictured with veggies roasted with rosemary and potatoes.  Ignore the booze.

I have noticed a difference in my symptoms, not so much when I’m hardcore on the diet but more so when I’m cheating if that makes sense.  What I have noticed healthwise is how much more “even” I feel.  I sleep better, I have more energy, I’m not hungry all the time.  And yes, my wrists feel better.

I’m no Emeril…nor do I aspire to be…but I’ve got to admit that this has been a little bit fun!