The Money Pit: October update


I have three strikes against me when it comes to fixing up my house.

1. What I lack in skill, which is quite a lot, I make up for in confidence.

2. I don’t let RA hold me back, even when perhaps it isn’t the best idea.

3. I was raised by people who are cheap and don’t like paying other people to do something unless it’s absolutely necessary. I embrace the DIY to perhaps an unhealthy extent.

So with that said, I figure I’d give the highlight reel of what’s been happening to my house over the past few months.

The Front Porch

I decided long ago that the former owners are assholes due to the lack of regular maintenance and half assed efforts in multiple areas. No exception with the front porch which had paint peeling off in sheets due to multiple coats of the wrong type of paint and also paint all over the front brick which drove me crazy.

This picture doesn’t do how bad it was justice but look at that line of paint all the way across the front bottom brick. Like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Even if you don’t have RA…if you ever catch yourself wondering ‘should I do this myself or pay someone to pull the sheets of paint off, sit for hours at a time and scrape concrete with a razor blade, only to have to order multiple drill attachments to get paint off of brick before I power wash, prep, repair and paint everything?’


I started in April. I admittedly had to take some time away from it due to the heat of the summer but my hands, wrists, shoulders and knees slowed me down too.

Also, paint stripper removes toe nail polish. Oh, I wasn’t supposed to let it touch my skin? LOL. That explains some dryness issues I’ve also had.

This is where we’re at currently, just waiting on the right weather to throw some paint down and then I’m done. Six months later.

I thought this would be a two week project.

Dining Room/Kitchen

Repainted the ceiling and walls of my kitchen and dining room. Well, almost all of it. This wasn’t too bad except I need someone to pull the frig out for me so I can paint that last section of wall. Gals with RA in their wrists shouldn’t be pulling refrigerators around!



Frig Line

Guest Room Redo

This was my last big room with the awful jaundiced looking paint. Like all the other rooms, I had to repaint the ceiling bc ‘what were the previous owners thinking’ when they did a horrible job painting that horrible color all over, getting it all over the ceiling and leaving no ceiling paint to match. I realized in the first room, they actually painted the ceilings off white so painting them true white makes it even brighter.


About 10 seconds into ceiling paint, it became very obvious that I needed to remove the old paint. Obvious meaning it was coming off in sheets. Good news is that it took less than an hour to get it down, see the old (now dry) water leak they painted over without remediation the surface so of course the paint didn’t stick.

This is the moment where I realized I wasn’t painting that night.

Two coats of Killz and one coat of ceiling paint later, we have a functional ceiling.

But alas, spending several hours with my arms above my head wasn’t great to the RA. But at least my room looks better! It’s not 100% done but it’s little details now left to finish.

The Yard

So. Much. Mulch.

I also recently aerated, spread lime and fertilizer and overseeded. Oh who am I kidding, I outsourced that part. But I have been masterfully wrestling sprinklers every morning and hating every second of it. I’ve also somehow become ‘that neighbor’ who wanders outside in pajamas with coffee on a Saturday morning to stare at dirt and whisper good tidings of germination to my future grass.

Up next? My front yard is fairly controlled. My back yard is the evil twin. So I’m walking the yard with my landscape architect (who is also my brother for the reasonable price of free lol) soon to put a plan together. New front door. Make my outdoor storage room more functional and organized. Repaint my bedroom. Come up with a plan and budget to gut my bathroom. I cannot wait to take a sledge hammer to my ugly vanity.

Sorry for the picture overload, I’ll update more as I continue working!

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  1. Had to do the same things in my house. It will be worth it when you’re done. I learned that I would have my house for a long time so one or two projects a year worked for me and my bank account. When the contractor opened one of my walls they found a live wire. An f*cking live wire. Talk about bad diy previous owners. I feel your pain.

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