Happy 2018!


I know, September and then nothing!  Bad blogger.  To be fair, I did have a post set to auto publish in October and somehow it didn’t…so you will probably see that in the next few days.  

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus, or whatever it is you may celebrate.  Except for our President to whom I’d like to say Happy Holidays.

Moving on…

2017 was a great year but also a hard year.  My health has been stable but not stellar, something that it truly only my fault at this point by eating like a sloth and exercising like a car on cinderblocks.  My finances look good but could look better.  My work is stable but I’d like to be a rockstar. My personal life is fine but I’m feeling very stuck by certain things that used to help me move forward.  

I have never been one to make resolutions but this year I’m making monthly commitments.  For me, it is simply easier to commit to a month of something because if I fail, I get to start fresh in a few weeks after figuring out how I can be more successful vs making it a few weeks and then feeling guilty for the rest of the year.

So my January commitments are:

1. Push the stable to stellar.  Eat clean and do something, anything good for your body from an activity level daily.  

2. See how little money you can spend in a day.  Starbucks…it’s not you, it’s me.

3. Blow work out of the park this month because January sets the tone for the year! 

4. Once a week, go somewhere new by yourself.  Talk to new people, grab a cup of coffee and observe…learn that it’s ok to hang out by yourself from time to time.

What do you do for the new year?  Goals? Resolutions? Mantras?

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  1. Don’t worry Starbucks will survive. I trust your year is well in hand. Anybody who makes a January list is clearly going to succeed.

  2. Like you, I’ve started the year trying to get back to a more healthy eating groove. I lost 25 pounds early last year and have put a few pounds back on and the last 6 weeks I was in a free for all food spin. So now I am redirecting my food. Work – I’ve had a rough go of work but have a new role and a new department and enthusiastic team leader, so like you – I’m hitting it out of the park for January. I’m loving work for the first time in a long time. Yeah me.
    My last, more important goal is to continue seeking the causes of the neurological issues my husband is having. We spent 11 months exploring this with the medical community while he got worse. I think we are close. But we aren’t there yet. And yet we persevere.

  3. Would enjoy blog if you could leave politics out. I was so tired of negative remarks about our president after the election. I have RA n lupus, a hip replacement due to taking predisone, lung disease due to taking method extraterrestrial and can be miserable many days. Biggest problem now is fatique. Any ideas?

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