I woke up at 4:30am to catch a flight to NYC for a work meeting and lunch.  I was super proud of myself because I made it to the airport by 6:15, carrying only a big bag with my laptop, notebook and wallet.  This was nice because when I usually travel, dealing with multiple bags, some of which are quite heavy, can really screw with my shoulders and hips for a few days after.

Today was easy.  Well…minus the fact that I got stuck in the security line in the middle of a group of Mormons returning from their mission.  (No offense, Mormons). This one particular guy was determined to help me load my possessions on to the security line and I swear to God, I thought he was going to take my shoes off for me.  He had no way of knowing that I have RA and that I am super sensitive when I perceive people are trying to help me of things I am perfectly capable of doing…but all I could think was DUDE!  Too much talking too cheerfully too close to me at the crack of down and I know you can’t drink coffee but please back off until I get mine!!!!  I feel bad even writing that…I know he was just trying to be cheerful and helpful but I have never been accused of being a morning person.

The meeting and lunch went great…well, the substance did.  I’ve been recovering from a summer cold and I kinda hit the wall of tired around 1:30pm and started coughing again.  When we got back to LGA at 2:45, I had the cough and now a headache.  But my friend who used to be a flight attendant told me that congestion after flying isn’t abnormal.  So fingers crossed.

It was interesting to compare the differences/similarities in how I felt with a small bag vs big heavy ones.  I noticed that the more tired I got, the more I changed my walking posture.  I started to have some hip pain…but now I’m not sure if that is due to RA or due to grossly unsupportive footwear.  I know that when I have big bags, it’s much worse.  But I’m curious now if the pain is due to a small flare or more due to just being tired?  Who knows…I went to NY earlier this year with coworkers a week after a tetanus shot that sent me into a super flare.  I’m happy that I was only a little sore and NOT having people worry about how bad I was walking!

My flight wasn’t supposed to leave until 5:05 and for once in my life, I was able to rebook on a much earlier flight. We wound up delayed an hour but I still got home much earlier than I would’ve.

And now…now I sleep the good sleep that comes when you are bone tired.  I’m really curious how I feel tomorrow…

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  1. I hope your ‘sleep of the just’ does the trick and you feel fine tomorrow. I know I always get a little congested after a plane journey and it usually only lasts a day or less, and i also know that severe tiredness DEFINITELY triggers more pain, muscles and joints – so hopefully the good sleep will do the trick!

    Glad the meeting went well and that you managed not to left hook the nice, friendly Mormon dude!

  2. I’ve been following you for over a year as inspiration. I started drinking olife- olive leaf infusion drink that has helped tons! I don’t have inflammation and I’m doing really well with energy too.

    I wanted to share this with you since I’ve had such great success. You can get two free bottles to try. I’m telling you, it’s amazing and I wouldn’t share if I didn’t think so. Especially since I’m usually too shy to. I hope it helps you too.

  3. I made a similar trip this in February. I love NYC and even LaGuardia was fun. Ok, waiting for the shuttle was not fun. I am glad you got along well.

  4. Traveling with RA is my panic button right now. I have a job that periodically requires that I fly around the eastern US. Though I traveled with a cane the last time I flew, I came back home beaten and with the flu. It was winter in NY, and the week of travel ended poorly to say the least. More accurately, I was trying to tell if I would die before making it back home to NC and my family. I made it but also to the ER for a check of the lungs. No fun. I’m sure the now more active RA (that is fortunately responding to a bevy of medicinal inputs) won’t result in the flu/ER run from the winter, but I am concerned about mobility issues and honestly…the flu/chest cold/Black Plague. Though I hate the thought, I will likely take all available options to minimize physical stress and prolong limited stores of energy and mobility. In a pinch, “I have RA,” can save my bacon though it will also injure my pride. I’m not looking forward to the next trip, but I appreciate you sharing your experiences. Definitely lightweight bags going forward, or maybe I’ll just wear the same suit day after day! (Joke). RA is not for the faint of heart, is it?

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