Sometimes you have that day…


That day where the only good thing that happened is that you made it through.

Sometimes you have a bunch of those days in a row.

Nothing is wrong, persay.

You’re just so damn tired.

Three nights in a row of sleeping 10+ hours barely takes the edge off.

Then, on night 4, you stay up a little later because you feel a little better.  You get in bed and get chased around by a cat looking for head scratches. 

Then you know everything is going to be fine, that you just need some rest and hot tea and distance and perspective.  

And lots of cat head scratches. 

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  1. Hi, I”m very new in the RA world. 38 year old female. I had a major reaction with both thumbs and a couple fingers 2 weeks ago. my first BIG red flag, but looking back, have had some painful nodules on my toes here and there for a few years. anyway, just had my RF, CRP and EST back. all in normal range, but have been very anemic for 10 years despite supplementing. I’m confused and honestly frustrated and not sure where to go next as I was getting my fighters ready for RA after identifying my symptoms. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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