Spring cleaning, sorta


Sorta because you know, it’s mid February.  But it’s almost 80 here in NC and that means that I officially have spring fever.

That also officially means that I’m in NC and it very well could snow in three days. February in NC can be fickle like that.

But I always feel better in warmer weather and today, I woke up well rested and feeling great.  

I went to the store and bought potting soil and started the process of opening my patio for the season.  I.E. I put the dirt in the pots in case in snows again.  I’m looking forward to planting things I will ultimately wind up killing in the next month or so.  Team Black Thumb.

I also just finished my meal prep for the week and my laundry.  I take an hour every Sunday and I make all my food for the week because I find I feel better when I eat clean.  Grabbing Tupperware from the fridge is much more likely to happen than making a meal from scratch each night.  For breakfast, I’ll be eating chicken sausage and either tomato slices or half an avocado.  Lunch will be grilled Greek chicken and asparagus.  Dinner will be salad with either chicken, chicken sausage, or black beans on top.  Snack is veggie slices and guac or an orange.

Wow, that last paragraph was thrilling, right?  Just a quick view into some of the time and energy I spend to try to keep myself healthy.

I’m not always perfect at that or at anything…but I do try!

It’s been an interesting week.  Work is great, I feel great, but I had my eyes opened about a friend this week.  So in the keeping with the mantra of spring cleaning, I’m just going to focus on keeping my life springlike and pulling the weeds.  I can’t control my disease or the people around me, but I can control me and I choose to be positive.

Warmer weather is here and soon to stay so I’m just going to do me and roll with it. ❤

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  1. In solidarity! Have lived with RA as an athlete since 1983. Just started a blog site. Check it out and please leave comments. Interested in your feedback! Making lemonade from lemons.

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