100 Miles in May: May 1st


So me and two of my crazy friends are taking the 100 Miles in May challenge.  Transparency- it may be a local challenge per our discussions or it may be a challenge that someone told us about that isn’t really a ‘thing.’

Whatever.  We are making it a thing.

Rules: 100 miles walked in May recreationally, measured by Fitbit or whatever other app you use.  Recreational miles meaning steps you take doing whatever you do all day don’t count. 

Our ‘modification’ to it: we need to have a way to make it fun.  Walking aimlessly for roughly 3 miles everyday sounds awful. So we are turning it into ‘urban exploring.’  Walking through neighborhoods/roads we drive through everyday and trying to notice the things we don’t notice in the car.

My RA slant: I will be updating you on how my body tolerates this.  My friends are pushing for 3 miles a day; I’m pushing for what I can safely handle.

We kicked off Day 1 with a walk through the neighborhood we live in- Dilworth in Charlotte, NC.  We walked up Tremont from Park Rd to South Blvd and back.

It was fun window shopping all the cute bungalows!  And the smells and sounds that I miss daily when I’m in my car.

I haven’t smelled honeysuckle in years, and had no idea it was the neighborhood ‘scent.’

There was also a ginormous Rosemary bush in front of another house.  I rubbed my hands on it in passing and am googling if that piece of land is city property or can I come back with scissors for cooking purposes?

Our neighborhood loves pets!  We saw this dog bowl and also several homes that had little stands out front with water bowls and dog bones.

This dogwood (?) made us feel like flower girls and reminded us of the swan scene in The Notebook.  Hey Ryan Gosling- wanna canoe us somewhere? Anywhere??? 

Finally, rope/tire swings are still a thing.  This one is cut to look like a horse although I couldn’t get a better picture of it because I looked stalker trying to take this one.

Today, we walked 3.2 miles.  My feet and knees/ hips held up fine. I did have some swelling in my hands today. I googled it and apparently that’s not unusual- blood vessels do something to keep up with changes energy demands yadda yadda yadda.  This is fine BUT having hand swelling in joints that are already swollen is painful. 

We stopped for a water and a margarita on the way home and I had a hard time picking up the glass, even with both hands.  It went away fairly quickly, but it sucked. 

I’m hoping this goes away as I get back into shape. I’ll try to get a picture if it happens again.

How did the walk end?

Electrical showers. Of course.  Thankfully, I was near a pizza joint that my friend owns and he made one of his delivery drivers drive me home!

I’ll be updating on my progress as I go, and am really trying to not let this be something I’m into for a week and then never again.

Anyone want to virtually join me?

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  1. wrap your hands around the icy drink next time. It will help with the swelling.
    Have you thought about using a pretty cane? It will help you on these walks.
    I remember the honeysuckle and the dogwoods from Mississippi!

    • Thanks Karen- great idea re the icy drink!!!! I don’t need a cane right now (knock on wood) but if I have to use one, it will definitely be a pretty one!

  2. Love the doggie water fountain. Enjoy your walks. I walk every night with my dogs and find it is a great way to decompress after work.

  3. I too have those days. I find that if I listen to my body more it’s usually saying “NO! NOT AGAIN”. But darn it’s hard to turn down that beautiful chocolate cake that screams my name as I slowly walk past the pastry stand. But I tried something 6 months ago. I got so tired of feeling so bad that I thought why not just try a different way to eat to see if it helps. I gave up wheat, dairy, grains, sugars & all processed foods for 6 months. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t get any flare ups. Also my regular everyday pain was almost gone. But…..then came thanksgiving & Christmas & New Year’s Eve. I just forgot how bad I could feel & I ate what I wanted. Bad move! So I’m back on my green, clean way to eat. I’m still in pain but I learned that it takes awhile to get all that junk out of my body. I need to keep praying for will power & I can do it again. Anyway we all just have to take one day at a time & not stress. Blessing on u all. Dawn

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