It hurts so good


In keeping with trying to love and take care of me, I recently started lifting weights again.

To be fair and completely honest, I haven’t been as consistent as I wanted to be at all of this.  I am a work in progress.

But the other day, I downloaded a workout app my friend sent me which was for weight training at home.  I own a kettlebell (15 lbs) and two Dumbbells (10 lbs each).

I looked at the workout the app generated for me and was all yassssss! This should be easy!!!!

It was not.  It was a squat series.  5 different exercises focused on glutes.

I finished it quickly and walking upstairs to shower, I realized I had jello legs.  4 days later and it still hurts to stand up and sit down.

But this hurt is a good hurt.  I’d forgotten how much I like a good hurt!

In other news, I made the hard decision to switch to a rheumy here in town.  I LOVE my rheumy from Greensboro but it takes a whole day to drive up for an appointment and it’s so hard to fit into my schedule.

He referred me to one of his med school friends locally and I had my first appointment recently. So far, so good.

We are staying course for meds but she is concerned (as am I) about my wrists.  I am working on cleaning up my diet as we both noticed that the best I’ve ever done was when I was completely gluten, dairy and sugar free.

That wine I love though…

But if cutting back to 1-2 glasses per week keeps me from more meds or worse, that’s ok.

Funny story- I went to the lab after my appointment and told the tech ‘take it from my left arm, my right arm rolls.’  

She looked and felt on both arms and told me she’d prefer to try the right arm.  I grimaced- I know my body but I also have a high pain threshold- and said ok, you have 1 shot on the right.

She prepped the right arm…and dug…and dug…and dug.

Finally, I said try the left for Gods sake!  

She accessed the left arm in one try, even though it ‘didn’t feel as good.’

Note to all of us: stick up for the veins that are painlessly accessed! I am pretty sure I made my point but boy, that was not fun. 

So all is good here, no med changes, following up in May.  Say good thoughts for my wrists and for me having the moxie to stick to this diet.

I’m already having dreams about linguini…

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  1. Ugh… I commiserate on that blood test experience! My veins roll once they’re poked and the most prominent one is the worst offender. Of course they never believe me and always want to try that one first!!

    And yes, good hurt from working out is such a good feeling!

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