2016 1 week check in


So…how am I doing with the addition of self love vs the subtraction of undesirable behaviors???

I am a work in progress.

The laundry from last week is folded…and sitting in my living room. The cat judges. But it’s a step in the right direction?

I’ve made it home every day this week for lunch.  I’ve also eaten breakfast everyday this week which means I don’t want to gnaw my arm everyday around roughly 10am.  Breakfast has been eggs with salsa and wilted spinach; lunch has been baked chicken with spinach and artichokes.

Stumbling blocks: freaking football!  I’m a huge Carolina Panthers fan and if we didn’t have that stupid loss to the Falcons 2 weeks ago(admittedly, we played horribly that game), we would’ve had a PERFECT season.  Like 16-0. But whatever.  If you’d told me even a year ago we’d be 15-1 with a first round bye and hometeam advantage in the playoffs, I would’ve laughed in your face. I realize I just almost lost a lot of non football readers.  Keep reading- it’s almost over, I promise!

Also, I’m quite superstitious. We were down in the first quarter last Sunday which told me that they needed me to be wearing my special shirt and drinking a glass of wine in my usual haunt so yeah…chicken wings and wine happened. 

I’m glad we have a bye week this week. 

My intention, in making the best decisions for me based on loving myself and deciding things in accordance with that, was to have a clean eating, no wine January.  But I realized in being fair to myself, the two items are not fair to me with regards to celebrating fun events with my friends.  So I am allowed, in moderation, on days with games.

That’s fair and realistic.

In other matters, I’ve had to make a very hard decision regarding rheumatologists.  I LOVE the one I see currently, but he’s an hour and a half away.  While I love him and the practice, it’s getting harder and harder to make the drive there.

Want to experience hell? Drive an hour and a half first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for fasting blood work.  As much I trust my care with them, it’s getting harder and harder to make appointments.  So there is going to be a change soon, as much as it kills me.

It’s easier for me and my fear has always been, what happens if I need an ASAP appointment because I’m not doing well? Driving that far sick won’t happen.  I’m so sad to make that change but I have good recommendations for a new practice so fingers crossed that works out.

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  1. Sounds like you have a good plan. You really do have to treat yourself occasionally. My problem is once I do that I seem to fly off the rails. Good luck with your quest for a healthier you this year. Oh and the Panthers hmm…well Enjoy the playoffs. Our team was so disappointing this year that it will just be nice to watch some decent football.

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