A day in the life…


It’s been awhile since I documented this so here we go!

6:30am- Alarm #1 goes off. BAM, SLAP. Alarm #1 is silenced.  I roll over and pretend that it didn’t happen.

6:39- Alarm #1 snooze feature activates. I sit up long enough to slap it off the nightstand, lean over, pick it up and turn it off.

6:45- Alarm #2 (cell phone) goes off.  This one is easy.  I only have to roll over and tap it off.

7am- Alarm #3 (the TV) turns on.  The intro to the Today Show filters through the room.  But honestly, I don’t even budge because half the time, I don’t even hear it.

7:15- Alarm #2 snooze function activates.  Again, cell phone so tap off.

7:16- I don’t even have to open my eyes to feel the step, step, step, step, CAT IN MY FACE.  This wakes me up. Because I would never smack, slap or tap the furchild.

7:16-7:20- petting a purring cat, checking email, wishing I could spend the whole day in bed with her.

7:20- Get out of bed, stretch, assess how I’m feeling.  Today, not so bad. Wrists are a little sore but it could be worse.  

7:20-7:50- Dry and flat iron hair.  Wash face. Brush teeth. Contacts. Makeup. Jewelry.  Daily battle to find something in your closet that you feel confidant in.  This sometimes results in half naked trips downstairs to the laundry room.

7:50- Final assessment in mirror.  Stop in bathroom, take morning meds that you put on the counter the previous night.  Put back in bin because this is the only way you can remember that you have indeed taken them. 

7:50-8am- Make breakfast shake and coffee.  Feed cat.  Chug shake.  Chug coffee.  Make more coffee for travel mug. Pull precooked Tupperware for lunch- today is stir fried cabbage.  Grab a package of almonds, an orange and precut celery (by me, I’m cheap, not bought this way) for snacks.

8-8:30am: drive to work.

8:30-12pm- work! I try to schedule myself in 30 increments for both time management purposes as well as making time to get up, walk around, and stretch.

12pm- LUNCH.  Except…I don’t want my cabbage stir fry anymore because I want to take a walk.  Walk to deli, order chicken salad on mixed greens, walk back.  Leave cabbage in fridge for lunch tomorrow. Pat self on back for time savings on that move!

1pm- 5pm- work! Again, scheduling myself in 30 minute increments.  

4:45pm- receive text from friends re happy hour plans.  My best laid plans for gym/yoga are immediately jettisoned. 

5:15- 7pm- hang with friends. (Sometimes I drive home first and walk to where we are meeting.  Depends on where we meet, how I’m feeling and if the temperature is ungodly.)

7pm- 9pm- home/dinner/home practice yoga or free weights or walk or piyo.

9pm- shower, feed cat.  Take evening meds and put morning meds on counter so that they are not forgotten. Stretch if I haven’t done yoga. 

9pm-I fall asleep- fave part of day! Get in bed with furchild, Netflix.

Rinse, repeat.

Living with RA= so wild and so glamorous!

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  1. Wow.I guess I’m jealous.Not of your productive and wonderfully planned day but your ability to plan in such a time saving and intelligent manner.I wish I could do that, so your post rather than inspiration turned out to discourage me.Not discouraging completely though.I can strive to that stability in the way that I can,inspirational in knowing I could eventually get this stupid hateful disease in control and do the things that are expected of me.I always feel I’m not doing enough.do you ever feel this way?thank you for sharing this.

  2. Hi there!! I am a writer working on an article for Everydayhealth.com about living well with RA. I wondered if you would be willing to share your story and some tips about what works for you? Email me if you are interested madeline.vann@gmail.com – and if you check my blog forgive me for not keeping it up! My husband says I need to do a better job with that …

    • I’m 37 and was diagnosed with ra last October. I’m curious to know how long after your diagnosis have you finally found yourself able to keep up this awesome regimen of a “normal ” lifestyle.

      • Hi Shavon- I would say it took a year and a half to get things under control and feel ‘normal.’ I still have to be careful. I can’t push through when I’m tired anymore without paying for it big time!

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