Training update 1


I worked out with a trainer twice last week as she offers two free visits prior to signing up.

I was super psyched to work out with her as her specialties are postural problems and joint injuries.  I mean, what better match could there be???

Visit 1 involved a lot of benchmarking. She tested flexibility, strength and watched me from every angle to see posturally what I’m doing.  She shared her observations with me, mainly that I favor my right side due to my left ankle problems. No surprise there…but she shared with me that there are things we can do to strengthen the left side to make it more balanced.

Visit 2 was a workout she designed for me.  It was hard but not unmanageable.  We did a lot of strength training using just body weight…of which I have aplenty right now.  Leg lifts, modified push-ups, walking while holding weights up…nothing that I’m incapable of.

It was awesome and I kept catching myself thinking ‘gosh, I miss this!’ 

And then she shared pricing.

Dum, dum, dum.

Totally not doable.  To the tune of $350 per month.  

Totally not doable.

With my trainer in Greensboro, I paid $100 per month.  And he was great.  And also super hot.  Which was motivating.

So…I’m kinda back to the drawing board.  While I’d love to work with her and feel that I’d greatly benefit, I just can’t commit to that number in my budget.

But I also know that I need to resume activity.  I’m mad at myself.  I remember thinking this time last year ‘I can’t believe I’ve seen so much joint mobility difference just from working out and I can never ever lose sight of that.’  And here I am…having fully lost sight of that.

In the short term, I trained with my old trainer online for several months where he’d email me the workouts.  I didn’t like it because I need the accountability of showing to someone.  But it was cheap…much less than even $100 per month.

I still have all of those workouts stored in my email inbox.  I think at least in the interim, I’m going to start back at day one with him and go through the whole series again.  This time, I’ll be taking it more seriously.

Any tips on accountability to actually doing it? That is my biggest struggle.

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  1. You’re right. The workouts sounded great. She sounded like my trainer who has given me many pointers about how I favor one side and how I can and need to bend my knees when I bend over. I took a year break and started again in March. I really missed her and am glad I’m back with her. It’s $50 for a session and we generally do once a week. That’s not cheap but doable and I’m very accountable. I walk 10k steps every day otherwise and will be trying to do an additional weights workout at home when my room is finished.

    $350 is alot. Even if you earn alot, that’s alot. If she is firm, then perhaps you need to shop around. But ask if she’s willing to negotiate before you walk away. And let her know you will walk away as its out of your price range. Who knows?

    Good luck

  2. That’s the problem with personal trainers, you have to break the bank to see them. I would love to work with someone but I just can’t justify that expense in addition to the gym cost I already pay. Thus I solder on alone.

  3. I’m not a personal trainer, but I’m a spoonie who teaches group fitness (water aerobics and yoga). For accountability, I’d recommend looking into group exercise classes that you think would work for you. I’ll humbly suggest H2O because it’s such a great workout and so much easier on joints than land.
    Once you pick a class to try, arrive a few minutes early and introduce yourself to the instructor and let them know that you have a medical condition that limits you in certain ways. Most will be more than happy to welcome to class and provide alternative movements if some cause you issues. They’ll also be more understanding if you have to stop or do things a little understanding if you let them know up front.

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