If you’ve been reading here awhile, you know I do not post/endorse anything lightly, as I feel that getting into a ton of that makes blogging not fun to read. BUT, I am all about some good old cool resource sharing.

Several months ago, I stumbled on YourCareMoments. I wish I could tell you where I found it, probably another blog, but the premise of answering some questions about the RA experience and making a little bit of fun money for doing so sounded ok by me. And we all know how important contributing to patient research is!!!

I’ve been doing them for several months, and they send surveys around a variety of RA issues. I’ve noticed a lot of surveys revolving around the doctor patient relationship, medication compliance, cost of medication…all issues that I struggle with. I tend to get 1-2 surveys a month and generally make $5-7 to respond.

Keith with YourCareMoments approached me to see if I’d like to share this with other patients and of course, I said YEAH!

Description from Keith:

YourCareMoments is an online survey community where patients can share your voice and get paid for doing so.

They provide insights into consumer habits, decisions, and healthcare experiences through short, online, anonymous surveys that they send to their registered patients. The surveys take 5-10 minutes to complete on computers or mobile devices, and YourCareMoments pays PER survey. Payments are sent via Paypal and take 2-3 business days to process after each completed survey.

In order to survey patients when the information is still fresh in their minds, the company keeps in contact and follows the participants whenever they see a doctor or pick up a prescription. Patients don’t need to worry that YourCareMoments might share their identities; the company never asks for names or addresses, and your email address is never shared.

You can register free by clicking here.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email Keith at

*Disclosure: I have received compensation for taking the surveys sent to me. I have received no compensation for writing this post and will receive no compensation for any readers who sign up.*

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