Catching up…again…and Happy Arthritis Care Week to my UK folks!


Memorial Day Weekend- the weekend in which a lot of folks I wouldn’t trust sober get loaded and play with fire. Also known as the weekend in which my intentions are to clean up my email and get several posts out for your reading pleasure.

I know I’ve missed blogging about a ton of cool events, including the hugely successful WAAD that IFAA just wrapped up. More to come on that later…

So where have I been?

Well…this happened recently…maids

And before we go starting rumors, I AM NOT THE BRIDE. I am the bridesmaid on the far right. The bride is my amazing new sister in law.


Photo Credits to Amy Allan

It was gorgeous and fun and just amazing…but my spring has been full of parties, showers, a long bachelorette weekend in NYC, and I am exhausted. So I’m back now, much more rested, and ready to pick up my long neglected blog.

As I said earlier, I do have an email backlog of stuff I want to share with you. So let’s start with a goody for our UK friends…HAPPY ARTHRITIS CARE WEEK!

Enjoy a really interesting video campaign I was sent recently:

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