Aw naw!


A better title than aw sh*t! 

Y’all, I’m trying so hard to be more consistent blogging…and clearly posting in February and then realizing in April that I’m behind…no good!

Which leads me to a discussion on what I’m struggling with right now.

Time management.

I think it’s safe to say that when we’re feeling good, we try to fit EVERYTHING we can into each day. 

I work daily from 8:30 to 5:15. Once a month, I’m required by my employer to attend a networking event.  So, once a month, I have to work until 7pm.

The  joint pain and inflammation has been very stable. <KNOCK ON A REDWOOD FOREST.>

BUT, since moving, I haven’t been able to find a doctor here in Charlotte that I like.  I love the doctor I had when I lived in Greensboro…but the distance isn’t feasible.  Which sucks- my original intention was to stay and travel for appointments.  My old Rheumy has since moved.  So I’m kinda back to square one, hoping to work it out soon as I’m a few weeks away from needing refills.

Any tips on how to handle the transition?

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  1. Find a good general Internist who can manage your prescriptions for the next several months. After all, we don’t usually go to our rheum docs much more than 3-5 times a year, and Rx changes are few and far between. This will give you some breathing space to find a rheum doc you can get along with.

    One of the people in our local RA support group goes up to Asheville NC twice a year, spends a 4-day weekend to see her rheum doc. Otherwise, she is managed by her good internist. I’m hearing about these kinds of arrangements more and more frequently. You might consider that.

    If infusions of a biologic are needed, the internist can arrange it based on the recommendation of your rheum. Of course, all this assumes the docs are “harmonious” with each other.

    Just a thought.

  2. After years with my RA doctor at Arthritis & Osteoporosis Consultants of the Carolinas and not getting any relief I changed doctors. At this practice, they wouldn’t let me have even one visit with one of the other doctors to see if they might have some other ideas. I now go to Dr. Charles Withers at Carolinas Healthcare System (CMC). He has been very detailed and offered lots of info that I didn’t know. I have only been going to him since May of 2015 and he seems to be a good fit.

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