Oh my goodness. I have been busier than ever and just realized that I haven’t posted since February.


So, I will be trying to correct that in short order!

What have I been up to? Working, lots. Getting ready to move again, I’ll give more specifics in a month. Working out like a madwoman, because there is nothing else to do in this two star town.

What has been going on specific to RA? Honestly, NOT MUCH! Whoo!!! I had a cortisone injection in my ankle a few weeks ago, more on that later. Since then, I’ve started doing some new exercise routines that are easier with a non gimpy ankle. That’s also worth a blog post…or several.

Anything else? I’ve somehow turned into some sort of weird nutrition loving, cooking stranger. Seriously. Chopping vegetables is rather calming. Learning how to make gluten free/dairy free versions of things I love from scratch is a bit addictive. Again, another blog post or ten at the very least!

So yeah, I’ve got a ton of blogable material, but not nearly enough time!

Don’t give up on me just yet. I have some hurdles to cross off my to do list over the next few weeks and then I’m back!

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  1. Glad to hear things are going well for you (other than the 2 star town!) I’m looking forward to the ten or twenty blog posts you’ve outlined above, when you have a spare minute! 🙂

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