I am mortified that I haven’t written a new post since November! I realized this a few weeks ago and immediately rushed to throw up a new post…but it dawned on me that I don’t want to just throw something up for the sake of doing it.

I could tell you about the family Thanksgiving where I had a few too many mimosas…

I could tell you about the Christmas party where I was psyched to wear a pretty dress…


I could tell you about the BEST NYE EVER where I got to see The Avett Bros from a private box with a ton of friends…


But I just told you about them and they have little to no substance with regards to my life with RA.

So I thought and thought and thought. Thought about my life right now, thought about the last year, thought about where I would like to go in the future.

What I keep coming back to is that my goal has always been to show you accurately how I live with RA and how I am still able to thrive in spite of it.

Are the aforementioned events above related to that goal? Of course! But do they really show how to overcome? Not particularly.

I want to make sure that I’m adding value without being a dry infomercial. So the first thing I came up with is that maybe I need to focus more on telling you about my health and fitness journey from the past year.

I recently posted this picture of me on Facebook.


I thought it was interesting to see what I had accomplished in spite of RA. I expected a few comments and a handful of likes. It wound up getting 6,000 views, over 100 likes, and 15 shares. What struck me though were the comments.

So in redirecting and refocusing myself, I’m starting there with a discussion of the picture, the work behind it, and the wide variety of reaction I got for posting it.

In trying to give you content to think and talk about, what would YOU like to see here?

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  1. Hi Amanda,

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  2. Hi Amanda,

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