The little things: Gratitude Challenge #6



I could probably write a month of posts detailing how grateful I am for this cat. Catember?

But for now, I’m grateful for the comfort her purrs provide. She runs to the door when I get home, motor going. She climbs on the couch or bed to cuddle, motor going. I wake up in the middle of the night, she’s right next to me purring.

If I’m sick or sad, she doesn’t leave my side nor does she stop purring.

I’m so grateful for my happy little beast!

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  1. Life would be dull without our pets. Most can sense when something’s wrong. We have one dog that will stick by your side … the other one is completely clueless though.

  2. I used to have 2 little black (Bombay) cats who would curl next to my hips at night – one on each side. Had to have one put down [Lymphoma :’-((( ] so now I’m down to 1 kitty. She’s 7 and weighs only 6 pounds. And all night, she moves from one side to the other, based on which hip hurts the most. She doesn’t purr a lot, but she’s very affectionate in other ways. I’m fortunate to have her.

  3. Sometimes noticing the little things like a soft kitty or a pretty sunset get me through the day while dealing with RA. What would we do without our furry friends? 🙂

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