Surprises: Gratitude Challenge #1


Being diagnosed with a chronic illness that wreaks havoc on your weight is a ‘weighty’ thing. At age 26, it sucked. At age 34, still sucks. I’m happy to say that this past year, I have gotten a handle on my diet, added in exercise, lost 35 pounds, and feel and look like a whole new person.

I don’t take this weight loss or the addition of physical activity lightly. Physical activity can be very difficult for even the mildly affected RA patient. But I’ve pushed myself while respecting my body’s boundaries and the benefits have been huge. My range of motion has increased, inflammation has subsided, and most importantly I am building muscle up around joints that tend to be affected that will offer protection.

That’s not the surprise.

Sadly, even at my thinnest back in 2009, I thought I was a cow. RA really changed the way I looked at myself. I didn’t see a pretty 30 year old. I saw swollen joints. I saw a limp. I saw bags under my eyes.

When I gained weight (a significant amount), I saw all those things AND an orca whale.

Being able to be active again has made me feel like the me before my diagnosis. Even though I’m 10 pounds heavier than I was in 2009, I don’t look in the mirror and see an RA patient. I see a 34 year old who has worked hard for calf muscles, arm muscles, a leaner body and oh yeah…she’s done all that while dealing with RA. That’s quite an accomplishment. Feeling like I have at least some control over my body and my health is just so empowering.

All that to say…I feel more like the person I was pre RA than I ever thought I’d feel.

I feel confident. I haven’t felt that in a long time.

Now…on to the surprise!

It is no big secret that I am super obsessed, in love, meant to marry James Franco.

I’ve seen every movie he’s made. I’ve even read his books. I follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Heck, I even follow his mom on Twitter. Does that make me sound a bit cray cray stalker? I promise I’m not!

Point being, we are meant to be. LOL.

Anywho…James asked for Halloween pictures on Instagram. I was heading out to my Zumba Halloween party in costume so I obliged.


I know what you are thinking.

That girl looks so…classy.

For the record, I have the whole outfit. Because every single 34 year old woman needs a Hooters getup ‘just in case.’

Y’all…30 seconds after I posted it, HE FREAKING LIKED IT. Big deal yes? Even bigger- he didn’t like a bunch of other pics. JUST MINE!

He also liked a picture of my cat. I am smitten.

We are so getting married.

So I’m grateful for my surprise that my huge huge huge crush thinks this gal who has worked hard in spite of RA is one hot Hooters gal.

For the record, I do not work at Hooters. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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  1. I have no idea who James Franco is or what Hooters is, but your post still made me laugh and brightened up my morning! šŸ™‚ I hope you enjoyed the party!

    • Thanks Polly! Be glad you don’t know what Hooters is- trashy trashy restaurant where the waitresses wear a very small tank top and very short orange shorts.

  2. Super fabulous!!! Nothing like a validated crush to keep you going all month long! All year long? šŸ˜ Always dream big!

  3. Hahahahaha!!! I don’t know who this guy is either but I’m glad that he liked your picture. šŸ™‚ Congratulations on losing so much weight, you look great! I need to do the same, ugggh. And you are right, my RA seems to get better when I weigh less. -Maybe it is because of the ratio of biologic meds to body weight? Not sure!
    Do you seriously follow his mother? *laughing hysterically*
    Have a great night!!!

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