The Body Makeover Part Four


So…I am way overdue on continuing my posts on getting back to the gym.  Where was I at…oh right, sticking to it and results.  Funny how I completely drop the ball right before I write about sticking to something, right? 

First, let’s talk about results.  Because let’s be honest, the results are a big part of sticking to it.

In my last post, I gave you my terrible, horrible, very fat stats. 

Starting BMI on March 24, 2013:  27 (SOB)

BMI in 2009: 21.2 (Skeletor…look at my About Me pic…I need a hamburger)

BMI Goal Range:  22.3-22.6

Current BMI on July 29, 2013: 24 

Let’s also look at some range of motion stats.

March 24, 2013:

Unable to balance on my left foot

Unable to jump

Unable to fully twist my wrists, restricted range of motion with flexion and extension

Unable to stand up from the ground without pulling up on something

July 24, 2013

Left foot can: balance for 10-20 seconds, complete a full zumba class, balance on a bosu ball, RUN (slow like a turtle)

Jumping: can do jumping jacks, can jump on both feet independently and together, can complete a full zumba class

Wrists: can lift 15 pounds with both wrists with overhanded and underhanded grips.  I estimate that I am at 95% of normal range of motion, still have some weakness on the outer sides of both wrists, no longer sleep with clenched fists, and have muscle tone surrounding wrists, thumbs, and hands.

Can stand from the ground with no assistance.

And finally, let’s look at some results from the doctor’s office.

March 24, 2013

Ultrasound of both wrists showed significant inflammation, with possible erosions on the outer sides of both wrists.

July 24, 2013

Ultrasound of both wrists shows NO INFLAMMATION although I still feel some tightness and occasionally see swelling on the outer sides.

Weight loss of 20+ pounds

As you can imagine, these results have been more than motivating.

So how does an RA patient who struggles with fatigue balance activities to produce these results?

With me, I have found that working out gives me much more energy.  Even when I don’t feel good.  When I don’t feel good, I push myself to do water aerobics or water zumba.  It’s cardio, yes, but it’s calming.  I have also found that my trainer is A-MAZ-ING at modifying our workouts to how I am feeling.  We usually start out our workout with a whole list of exercises to complete; if we come to one that bothers me or I am too tired, we simply move on to something else I can do.  As I have said before, a lot of my “hold backs” are mental.  If I have options that I feel in control of and can do at my own pace, it’s much less overwhelming.

Realistically, my workout week looks like this:

Monday- trainer session 6:30-7:30

Tuesday- Zumba 1 hr OR take a walk OR take the night off

Wednesday- 1 hr trainer session OR 1 hr water aerobics

Thursday- Zumba 1 hr

Friday- OFF

Saturday- spinning 1 hr OR yoga

Sunday- yoga class and guided meditation- 1 hr

Do I do all of these activities every week?  Oh heck no.  Some weeks, I’m lucky to get two days in.  And that’s ok!  We need to respect our bodies and do what we can.  I should note that I do have a standing “date” with yoga and meditation on Sundays.  It’s a restorative/deep stretch class which makes me feel awesome, and the guided meditation is my “church.”

Coming up next: trying new things- AJ tries hot yoga (again…more successfully) and stand up paddle boarding (twice)


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