Thunder Cloudy Mood


Most of the time I am pretty happy but today I feel like this:


I usually hesitate to post when I feel this way, after all, this blog is about being positive. But it is also unrealistic and dishonest to say that I’m always feeling positive.

I don’t physically feel bad, the RA is fine, I actually am starting to feel like me again. But I’ve again had some unexpected personal hits that maybe I will blog about when it’s not so raw.

Please send good thoughts my way; hits on top of living with this disease are especially hard…

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  1. Hi..i know how it feels..we all go thru some or the other hits..offcourse severity varies..but from my personal experience i would say..give time some time…time is the best healer 🙂
    Take care

  2. Feel free to rant and rave whenever you are ready. It’s better out than in and this is a safe place to vent with plenty of us who know your ‘hits on top of RA’ pain – me being one of them.

  3. I decided “no whingeing” on my blog, but sometimes I do a bit. It helps you and you may be surprised how many you help by expressing what is happening. Believe me, you are not a “Debbie downer” in any way – we all have the “hits” we deal with on top of RA and we also need the support and encouragement that come from this community.

  4. Your writings have provided lots of support to me. I know what it feels like and glad that I am not alone. Thank you for writing this, Life is full of ups and downs, without the downs, the ups would mean nothing. I do hope your down time will be over soon.

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