Gratitude and Focus


I feel like I’ve lost track of this blog. Exactly a year ago, I said the same thing. It was because I wasn’t doing well. I was in a place where my job was physically, mentally, and spiritually destroying me. I was so frantic on a daily basis that I couldn’t even keep up with basic things. My power got cut off…I had the money but I didn’t even have the presence of mind to realize that it hasn’t been paid. There was also a litterbox situation that I will spare you the gory details on. Suffice it to say that it had been awhile and Molly made alternate arrangements.

All that to say that my silence was coming from a very desperate, disorganized, chaotic clusterfuck that certainly took its toll on my disease. If I can’t remember to pay my power bill, I’m certainly not able to be proactive and compliant about my health!

A year later and I’m silent again. BUT. My silence now is because I’m doing well. I’m busy, yes, but I’m in a job that challenges me to be even better than I ever thought I could be. A company that respects my personal time. Who would never DEMAND that I be available at 2am and 5am for clients and then report to the office with a smile at 8 for a 10 hr day.

I’m really trying to focus on me right now. I need hobbies. I need to try new things. I need to take care of old friendships and develop new ones. And I need to repair the damage the stress of the old job did to my body.

I’m working on Amanda 2.0 3.0 and she’s going to be one healthy, happy, hilarious gal!

I see my friends posting about gratitude this month for Thanksgiving.

I am so grateful for the space to be able to focus on me and to being able to find a better version of me. I’m grateful for a job and company that allows for not only space but tremendous professional growth. I’m grateful for the connections I’ve made here that have turned into real (well ok, Facebook…but Facebook is practically real now) friendships. And I’m grateful to have this platform to share it with you all.

That’s FOUR things! I’m ahead! Hells yeah! Grateful for that too! Funnier stuff to come soon!

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