Advocates For Arthritis



Me, Tiffany and Tami- Advocates For Arthritis 2010

An event that is near and dear to me, the American College of Rheumatology’s annual Advocates For Arthritis, will be held Sept 10-11th in DC. I am participating this year as a Virtual Advocate so get excited to read future posts detailing efforts to help determine and raise awareness of legislation that affects our whole patient community!

I have participated in person twice and I cannot find words to describe how important and how empowering this is as a patient. But you know me, I’m certainly going to try!

I don’t think many patients understand the importance of our role in the political process that takes place. Sure, politicians receive information and speak to doctors and organizations who say that xyz affects this community in xyz way. They hear this all day long. But imagine the IMPACT that is made when a doctor says that and you, as a patient, can supplement with a personal story.

True story: my very first appointment at my very first Fly In was with the Healthcare Legislative Aide for an NC Representative who, in very small world fashion, was one of my very best friends from childhood. Do you think she remembered and communicated the reality of access to care and cost of medications with the cost of both being increased disability? Do you think it made an impact in her hearing and seeing her former competitive dance team buddy limp in with swollen hands as to the critical importance of these bills to our community?

Politics is personal.

I am excited to bring you all on this journey with me and the other Virtual Advocates. I invite you to check them out at here.

I will be posting more soon both here and on my Facebook page. By all means, ask questions, feel free to share and repost, and join in if you’re so inclined!

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