Pills, pills, pills!


…what I sing to myself every night when I have to take them. Either to the tune of Destiny’s Child song “Bills, bills, bills” or Lady Gaga’s “Boys, boys, boys.” Just depends on my mood and sometimes I even throw in some hip action.

I tell you this because my routine has changed yet again. I just started injectable Orencia rather than infusions. Sure, I miss all the VIP salon treatment in the infusion center. Doing fun things like completely commandeering the yearly surveys on how to make the infusion room better and making sure every patient there that morning wrote down the following requests: Keurig with coffee selection! Pastry assortments! Thicker blankets!! Punctuated just like that…except I included a well placed ‘FOR THE LOVE OF GOD’ after my own thicker blanket request.

Sweet, sweet rebellion. Why do I get the feeling that I may not be missed?

Anywho. So I had to learn how to give myself a real shot and not an epipen shot. Hilarity ensues. As I read through the directions with the nurse, I think she was a tad concerned with my hand gestures. I mean, it told me to hold it like a dart and stab it into my leg. So I was getting ready to do just that when she intervened.

Oh. So you just set the needle on the leg and gently push? You don’t start with your hand a good three feet above your leg, aiming a needle in an ominous direction? And to confirm, there is no need for speed or force?

Well. That’s kinda boring. I was gonna go all Pulp Fiction on my thigh up in here. 

I did my first one unassisted recently and it was just as uneventful.

I think it’s time for a new song. And maybe some spirit fingers.

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  1. Oh, you’re a brave one, a mandajohn. I’d like to think I could inject myself with your basic hypodermic syringe, but honestly, I think I’d be a basket case. And that’s in spite of the fact that I’m not particularly bothered by needles or injections. It just sounds… scary.

    I love your sense of humor and your snarky attitude. You make me smile and give me hope. Here’s wishing you even more peace and much more laughter.

  2. I commend you for your sheer determination of mastering the injection … I’m also glad you’re not my nurse. Speed and force are hard to argue with unless there is a policeman or a needle and your leg involved! And hip action just for pills? I admire your attitude and attack on RA!

  3. Hi, I’m Peggy. Found your site while researching Orencia injections. I admire your attitude. Living with RA completely sucks! You give me hope. I’m going to start my injections this week, I’m just a little scared, tho. Did you have any side effects? The last three meds (methotrexate, enbril, plaquenil) gave me persistent nausea. I just became a grandma 9 days ago & don’t won’t to be laid up & unable to enjoy my grandson! A pleasure making your aquaintance & good luck!

    • Thanks Peggy! Congrats on your grandson! I haven’t had any problem with Orencia- can relate to the mtx nausea for sure- so I hope it works just as well for you!

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