Ahhhhhhh, yes. The inevitable what happened first, the chicken or the egg saga.

Sometimes it is so hard to tell.

Flares are stressful. Crashes are stressful. Stress is…stressful. Even good stress is stressful!

But you can say the same about the others too.  Flares make me crash. Stress makes me crash. Crashing makes me crash.

So which is it?

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  1. I always think of the stress as the little bits of kindling you start a campfire with. The wood, matches and whatever else are already there, but it’s that little extra flammible stressor that really sets it off, and makes it burn so brightly in the beginning. The crash is the immediate response to the flair. The act of lying in bed wondering when it will pass, when you will be able to be productive again just brings on the stress in droves.

    I really hope you can get the rest you need and start to feel better soon.

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