In transition…


I almost did a post on Sunday but was afraid you would think it was a cruel April Fools joke that I’d actually written something!

Whew! The past month has been taxing. I’ve been training and living in an extended stay for 5 weeks now and I seriously have a love/hate relationship with hotel living.

Love: I have a jacuzzi tub and yes, I use it every. single. night. The RA loves it too! I sleep well here…I think it’s because if I crank the loud AC up and turn on the ceiling fan, it sounds like heavy rain.

Hates: Columbia,SC is hotter than hell and the humidity makes my hair look awful. 5 weeks, 5 different rooms. I’ve gone to the wrong room twice now, once on the completely wrong floor! Plus my RA hates driving and I’m doing a ton of that. What I hate the most: I miss my catbaby.

But next week is the last one and then I’m for real at my new home in Greensboro, reunited with my sweet furball.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about things these nights by myself and I’ve come to a few conclusions: I’m SO buying a king sized bed, I miss writing regularly, and I miss reading other blogs. I’ve been so busy for the past year that I’ve barely had time to do any of the things I enjoy doing. So I think to help me refocus once I’m settled, I’m going to write about getting these things back.

What else is new in my world?   Allergies! Which make me flare! And

has always


me awful acid reflux! I’m popping Zantac like tequila shots and I think the acid reflux feels surprisingly like mtx stomach.

But things are good and exciting.things are happening. I promise to not leave you hanging too much longer.

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  1. I just found your blog tonight. It’s been a bright spot in this long, painful day. I hope your new job is going well! Don’t forget us! :()

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