My long lost blog…


Oh my.

I have completely dropped the ball on keeping you in the loop on my life with RA.

Where to start…

I hope you haven’t given up on me. Silence here usually means I’m thinking about things or I’m swamped. In this case, it’s been both.

Late January, I was in lovely Palm Springs, CA for work when I received a VERY GOOD job offer from another company. VERY GOOD as far as numbers and job description but also lots to think about as far as a relocation.

Have you ever flown out of the Palm Springs airport? OMG. I thought I was going to die. With the proximity of the mountains, you go up and then immediately sideways. And it’s bumpy. And I almost cried.

Anyways, I spent the whole flight back thinking. And more thinking when I got back. I made a trip to the city where I’d be moving to to see the office and feel it out. On the way up, I got a ticket that requires an attorney. Lovely.

That trip created a lot more questions. So I’ve spent the last month thinking. What’s best for me professionally and what’s best for me personally? And why in the hell why I was driving so fast in a damn work zone?

The answer became clear that this new position is best for both.
I gave my notice on Monday and start early March! So it’s official: I’m moving to Greensboro, NC!

With all of this settled, I should be back to writing as regularly scheduled. 🙂

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  1. You have to let me know when things are official and you’re settled in! I go to Winston so regularly to see my dad, and going through the G-unit is easier than the trip to Charlotte (I should know, I think my sister is mad at me, b/c I was supposed to go last weekend and it feel through). I’d really, really love to see you since it’s been at least a few years now. I’m selfishly happy, but glad you’re alright. I was gonna give you a few more weeks, then come looking for you, but something told me you probably needed the solitude. This is really good news, I hope things are looking up for you. 🙂

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