2011 Recap/The Christmas Letter I’d Never Send.


Unless I’m the only one who gets annoyed by those super smug ‘my 3 year old is taking college physics in his free time’ holiday letters.

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope the holiday season has been magical. Since we only really keep in touch through Christmas card updates, allow me to give you the 2011 highlight reel.

2011 was the year of not so great decisions. I mean, nobody got fired and nobody got pregnant so yay team but when you spend the majority of 2010 feeling lousy and then you start to feel good…yep…BALLS. TO. THE. WALL.

I did do some awesome things that surprised me- completed a 3 hr zipline and ropes course, traveled a fair amount, learned that I love drinking wine and painting even though my paintings look like something a blindfolded toddler would do, and made peace with several people in my life I didn’t expect to ever make peace with.

I did some really stupid things too. Like calming unexpected pre-cross country flight nerves Charlie Sheen style where I don’t really remember connecting in Atlanta but HOLY CRAP did my Facebook status updates paint a picture!


I overcame some significant fears. I got my first infusion treatment with no incident, probably because it was last minute and I was hungover. (Notice a theme? Cross file this under stupidity.)

I hurt myself. I fell badly and sprained my left ankle. I’m now having issues with disease activity in this spot. Thank you so much, unmarked water on floor at Target. I spent too much time overcelebrating the fact that I felt better and wound up back at square one. And I got super depressed. I’m still working out that last part.

I had some pretty emotional moments. Losing several fellow RAers was heartbreaking. That, combined with a health scare with my mom this fall (she’s ok) have made me very clingy with my family and close friends. I’m sorry if I’m being annoying…again, see above.

But you know what? While it sounds like parts of 2011 were a complete bust, I really feel like it has set me up to be better than ever in 2012. So while my cat may not moonlight in Fancy Feast ads and while I don’t spend my spare time sneaking in classes in gourmet cooking or herbal medicine, I’ve learned a lot and can focus on hopefully writing about how happy I am in this new year!

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  1. Spectacular!!! You have a gift when it comes to channelling Carrie Fisher. 🙂 I can tell that there is much truth in your writing, but thank you for reminding those of us who are still in denial over having this disease that we do have the choice to laugh…and get on with our lives. I’ve gotta quit draggin’ ass this year and get over myself. My family’s remarkable sense of understanding may soon turn to disdain if I don’t ditch this pity party! Your humor is much appreciated. Take care and happy new year to you, sweet girl! ~LWW

  2. Awesome post, your writing is brilliant. Funny yet so poignant. You really have a talent, you should write a book, I’d definitely buy it. Hope 2012 is a wonderful ray of sunshine for you and your ankle and your cat.

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