So….on Monday I turned 384 months old. And yet again, I am posting an update mocking my mommy Blogger friends.

So let’s see…where are we at…

Height: 5’6

Weight: (insert hysterical laughter)

Language: still foul. I have instituted a Starbucks policy: when I’m mad at work, I take a walk and get a coffee.

Nervous system: jacked up on caffeine frequently. (see above.)

Motor skills: about the same. Still problems with hands and fingers although still capable of throwing out a bird in traffic if necessary. As long as it’s held very low. Underneath the console. So nobody gets shot.

Goals: My birthday present to yourself this year is health. Period. I are willing it to happen. And I’m going to do something unusual this time: I’m going to follow my doctors orders AND I’mย  going to consciously do something positive for my health everyday, even if that something is only taking a few minutes to get in bed early to watch tv and relax!

Reflection on the past year: Loads of fun…after having such a debilitating flare, I went all out when I felt better. And maybe not in the healthiest of ways. But I’m sure you can relate! Just being so happy to not feel so crappy makes you do things that maybe make you feel…crappy.

It’s time to find that elusive happy medium!

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  1. Flares make it almost imperative to cram as much as you can into the non-flare periods. Here’s hoping for no/fewer flares in the coming year!

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