Just call me Martha Stewart, with RA.


I embarked on an adventure earlier in the year entitled “AJ learns how to cook even though she despises it and is horribly bad at it.”

Horribly bad.

I can’t remember if I’ve blogged about this or not but once, I made something so bad that after tasting it, I really did dry heave over my sink.

I am very talented at heating.  And ordering take out.

But that is such a hard way of eating if you’re trying to limit gluten, dairy, and red meat like I am.

Can I just say how hard it is for me to limit these things?  Did anybody see the movie American Beauty and remember the scene where she is laying naked in a bed of roses?  Um, yes….I’ve similar dreams of myself laying naked in a bed of penne! angel hair! brie! gouda!

It’s quite disturbing.

But I did want to share a couple of recipes that have worked for me in my ongoing “deny the carb and  cheese obsession” regime that is trying very hard to rule my life with 50/50 success.

Homemade Salsa

2 tomatoes, preferably from the farmers market

A dash of lime juice

1 onion, cut into slices

1 clove of garlic

A pinch of cilantro ( a little bit goes a long way!)

Put ingredients in food processor, chill in frig for one hour.

Enjoy with corn chips or marinate  chicken in it.  It’s fabulous!

Homemade dairy free gluten free pesto

1 cup of loosely packed basil (if you grew it yourself, make sure no bugs. Ew.)

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon flax seed oil

1 tablespoon walnut or almond oil

2 cloves of garlic (or 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder…very important no more than this…I learned the hard way and breathed FIRE.)

Put in food processor and enjoy on grilled chicken or salad.



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  1. I asked my gluten free friend if it’s easier for her to lose weight now. She said no, because she adores corn chips. I love pesto, think I might have to make some this week. =)

  2. Recipes sound yummy. My daughter is also traveling a similar road but also must be soy free. It does get easier, so don’t give up! You can do this and in no time you will have an entire stack of recipes that you love and can use.

  3. But the bugs add a little protein, AmandaJohn!

    Both recipes sound delicious–thanks for posting them. While I haven’t gone gluten-free (at least, not yet) I have altered my diet a great deal over the last several years. Very little red meat. Fish or chicken instead, and I’ve come to really appreciate garden burgers. Recipes that will jazz up the chicken and fish a bit are really welcome!

    Has cutting way back on gluten had any effect on your RA so far? I’m curious…

    • Actually, I can tell a difference in joint pain when I cheat but the biggest difference for me going gluten free is that it helps the fatigue! I can email you some books if you’re interested!

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