Moved back to WordPress!


So, I decided back in December that it would be really fun to be the master of my own domain.

Oh how wrong I was!  To make a long story short, I’m back here at WordPress and if I accidentally deleted a comment you made while deleting 5-10 comments a day from GIRLS! ON! CAMERA! then I apologize.

I realized the other week that I just didn’t want to  blog because keeping up with those spammers was such a hassle…and realized that this could easily be fixed.  So, here I am!

It’s been awhile and where to start: I had my first white Christmas of my entire life, a lovely week off of work, a low key yet got to wear a cute outfit New Year’s, and a crazy start to 2011 that includes some serious snowy weather here. I’m thinking that the gas company owes me a thank you note seeing how much usage I’m giving them right now. And Netflix.  I’m working on a longer post that I will get up soon.

But first I have to go start running again seeing as I committed to a 5K next weekend. (Insert hysterical laughter.)  I may just post my time.  Pre RA, I was right around 30 min.  Post RA and post I HAVEN’T BEEN RUNNING IN A YEAR, I bet I can do it in at least an hour, right?

Happy 2011 Y’all!

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    • It’s really not going to be fun! But a friend asked me to a month ago and I couldn’t say no. Hopefully my feet will cooperate!

  1. You crazy thing – how about learning to say ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’ for a late New Year’s resolution? Seriously though, I hope it goes well … and welcome back to WordPress!

  2. Hi Amanda, just for future reference if you ever decide to go back to your own domain… you can install a WordPress plug-in called Akismet that will help eliminate your spam. There are several other good “spam blocking” plug-ins as well.

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