I meant to do another update on here on Monday night.

But I was feeling spectacularly horrible from having to leave 10 (yes, you read that correctly) vials of blood at the rheumatologist’s office earlier in the day as well as getting my first shot of Enbrel (I think) too.  I say I think because I am getting either  Enbrel or Humira- the study examines patients who succeeded and then failed on one and then watching the development of antibodies after starting on the other.  (Please note the absence of a phd at the end of my name- it is entirely possible that I stated that completely incorrectly.) Anyway, I’m pretty sure I am getting Enbrel for several reasons.  First, Humira has a distinct injection site sting.  There was no injection site sting but there was an intramuscular sting.  Second, the actual vaccine felt much thicker.  Third, I had a crazy headache the rest of the day and some problems sleeping that night, which I never had with Humira and which are listed as side effects for Enbrel.  Oh yes, I am so that patient who is awake googling side effects of things at 4 am!  Fourth….knock on wood while you’re reading this because I sure am…but it seems to actually be doing something! And, well, Humira wasn’t exactly doing that anymore.

So then I was going to update on Tuesday.

But I felt lousy.  I don’t know if it was from the lack of sleep, the new meds, completely unrelated stress, or what.  It felt like I do every once in awhile on ‘the morning after methotrexate.’  Just shaky and so so tired.  So I came home and got in bed with a movie.

I totally meant to update on Wednesday.

But I was swamped with finishing both a huge presentation for work for Friday and prepping for a regional meeting on Thursday.  Which meant that I stayed late.  But I actually had energy. And I was able to dial back the Prednisone.

I’d lie and tell you I meant to update on Thursday.

But I left my house at 7 am that morning and didn’t get home until after 9pm that night.

And Friday…

I again left the house at 7am, had my boss, her boss, and several additional people with us all day at a huge presentation for a client.  I came home from work and walked up with friends to watch a bike race that takes places in my neighborhood every year.  I ended the night on my back stairs around 2 am, eating pistachios and doing some…..um…..scientific research.

I  didn’t update Saturday because I was still…um…..deciphering the….results of said research.

I think I made a dosing error.

Must. Do. More. Research. SOON.

But not too much research.

And today, right before I wrote this update, I went on a walk AND THEN did a workout tape.  It wasn’t pretty.  I was really winded really quickly. I had to shut the front door AND make sure the blinds were drawn. NOBODY wants to see that. But I did it.  I haven’t done that since Christmas.

But all in all, not a bad week!  I just need to continue on this path and to hold myself back from doing too much too quickly.

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  1. I so hope and pray you will feel some relief soon. I know how anxious one can get with new meds so just do your research & be prepared for any effects that are unpleasant. Otherwise, sit back and we’ll pray they work for you. Hugs. Tazzy

  2. Hope the new injection works for you! It sounds like you’re sensitive to some of those meds. I’ve had zero side effects or reactions to methotrexate and Enbrel. The Enbrel injections don’t even hurt much with the autoinjector.

    As for exercise, it’s good that you can do the workout tape. I wish I could, but I can’t stay on my feet long enough to do any good. I’m waiting until I’m employed again and can afford it so I can go back to the gym and get into the pool. That’s the best exercise I can do.

    By the way, have you seen the recent articles about a study that showed alcohol consumption can lessen RA symptoms? 🙂

  3. Woo hoo! Glad to hear things are looking up. I’ll definitely be joining this ‘research’ you ladies are conducting. I’m a willing test subject at weekends and …ok.. most weekdays too.

  4. Yes, I know this is 20 days later, but I just started reading your blog! I’ve been getting Enbrel for Psoriatic Arthritis (think “RA & dandruff”!) for about 4 years. I really love the stuff: I’m all achy and stiffened and swollen and I get an injection and about 30 minutes later almost all the aches and pains are gone! The only difference between Enbrel & Magic is that Magic is supposed to be free,whereas Enbrel costs about $400 per shot! Keep your health insurances, everyone – it really sucks without!

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