Vacation all I ever wanted!


Have you noticed how different the road you drive everyday looks when you turn on to it to go on vacation? The sky is bluer, the clouds are fluffier, the grass is greener, and all of those idiot drivers who mistakenly think they are Ricky Bobby are WAY LESS infuriating? And when you reach into the center console to grab a CD you want to listen to only to find that a candle you left in there (???) has melted all over said CD rendering it useless…you catch yourself thinking about how nice the candle smells.

That would NEVER happen on a work day. At least not without extensive pharmaceuticals.

Things are especially pretty to me when I go on vacation because I adamantly refuse…no I will not even entertain the thought…I will not under any circumstances allow RA to come on the trip with me.  Nope.  So sorry.  File that in the stack marked ‘ain’t never going to happen.’  Step off. You’re not the boss of me. Seat’s taken. There’s no room in the Inn. SOMEONE’S putting Baby in the corner. YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK, GOODBYE.

Now I do realize that this is not necessarily feasible so I do take great care to pack up virtually everything I might need to treat symptoms, shove it into a green toiletry bag, shove it in another suitcase and then I try my damndest to forget it exists.


I spent the better part of two whole days on the boat with friends.  It was amazing and I really needed it. One of my favorite sensations in the entire world is that two seconds when the boat races through another boat’s wake.  You feel the boat catch some air and then you feel it dip back into the lower part of the wake.  Sometimes it’s rough, sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes you get jostled, sometimes it absolutely smacks the water.  I always sit as close to the front of the boat as I possibly can for this because no matter how the boat lands, you’re going to get sprayed with lake water.  It’s the best thing in the world!

(My friends were having to restrain me from assuming “King of the World” positioning about now. But no worries, this is a no wake zone.  Totally safe.)

I normally hate being jostled.  I spend a lot of time protecting myself and bracing myself.  But for some reason, being knocked around on the lake doesn’t worry me one bit; weirdly enough, it actually makes me feel infallible.  I realize that sounds weird- one of the certainties that RA has made me deal with is that I am actually QUITE fallible.  I do recognize the irony too that I am fearless, possibly even a bit of a kamikaze, in one of the only situations I put myself in where there really is some inherent danger.  But whatever it is, the whole experience is always restorative.

(No, I did not go cliff diving.  This summer.  But if I wasn’t flaring right now, I’m not going to lie and tell you I wouldn’t consider it.  Don’t tell my rheumy.)

Being out like that absolutely wears me out.  We came back each night and ate way too much. Is lasagna gluten free?  What about baked brie?  Crap.

We sat on the screened porch drinking vodka/limeade slushies until WAY late.  Like 11 pm.

And when I crawled into bed each night absolutely physically exhausted, I could tell that I was exhausted for reasons other than RA for once.

Yes, there are pictures of me from this trip but much like I refuse to travel with RA, I also refuse to post bikini shots of myself online. Heck, I’ve even already untagged myself in all of the ones I could find on Facebook and I only got back last night.

Yes, the little green bag got unzipped a few times but zipping it back and unceremoniously stuffing it underneath all my junk was gratifying.  And yes, I am totally exhausted today and a little more sore than usual.

Totally worth it.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and good for you for making RA take a back seat on this vacation! I love how you described the boat and the wake. I love that feeling too…it is that tiny loss of complete control. Feels wonderful. =)

  2. How terrific that your mini-vacation was so wonderful! I’m not much for speed-boating, but Mr Wren and I used to do a lot of lake-canoeing when we went camping. I absolutely loved it, and camping, too. Sometimes we backpacked — something I’m not really up for anymore — and that was always incredibly good for busting up stress, if not so great for rheuma.

    Anyway, glad you had such a good time with your friends. I hope the good effects stay with you for a nice, long time. 🙂

  3. Wooohooo! So glad you had such a great time, occasional unzipping of the little green bag notwithstanding!

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