Whining Moratorium


I looked back at the past few posts and got a little mad at myself.  So I’m making a rule for my posts for the next few weeks: PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES, AJ, AND STOP WHINING.

Yes, I don’t feel wonderful but no, life doesn’t suck completely.  Or at all, for that matter. I’m getting on my own nerves so I would gander it’s fair to say that you don’t want to hear it either.  And it’s definitely not productive. So to commemorate the beginning of my blog attitude adjustment, I will tell you some good things that have happened the past few days and not dwell on how bad I may or may not be feeling.

I got to spend a lot of quality time with my favorite “caretaker.”

People who don’t know me well don’t know that she is MUCH more than ‘just a cat’ to me.  If I’m sad or upset or just not feeling great, she’s right there by me as pictured above.  She’s also right there by me if there is anything fleece involved. LOL.

I figured out how to connect my laptop with my TV and then how to stream Netflix on my laptop.  So I’ll hook it up, lay down with my favorite fleece blanket, cuddle up with my favorite cat and relax the day away.

Things at work are going really well.  I hit the highest I’ve ever produced (at this job) this last month (which I hope is indicative of the economy trending in general but we’ll see) and got a nice bonus check.  I’ve been obsessing over getting a grill and found one on clearance for $70.

Once I had it home, I realized I had to put it together.

Estimated time to assemble: 1.5 hours.

Time it took me to assemble: Let’s just round it out to 7 hours.

I suck at following directions.  You know how the joke is that men don’t read maps?  Well, Amanda don’t read directions.  At least when it comes to assembly.  It should be, afterall,  easy because you know what the final product is supposed to look like, right?

The actual screwing itself was slow going. (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID. Sorry, cabin fever has turned me into part adolescent boy.) I had to take breaks because my wrist was sore and had to use a wrench to hold pieces together because my fingers couldn’t. Then I realized I had put several pieces on backwards and had to backtrack.  Somehow, during the disassembly and reassembly process, the whole box of screws and flanges oddly managed to fly across the room.

I have no absolutely no clue how that happened.  A ghost?  The cat? A Hogwarts spell gone bad?

In all honesty, it kinda became one of those ‘for the principle of it’ things.  By God I’m putting this damn grill together, I don’t care how long it takes me, I don’t care how bad it hurts, it’s just got to happen.

And well….

It’s a grill!

And have I mentioned that the tomatoes I’ve been growing out here are also looking good?

I went today to watch one of my friends compete in her first kayaking competition.  It was ridiculously hot and I was wiped out by the time I got to the section where they were play-boating at.  I have good friends who try to take care of me without outright saying that they’re trying to take care of me: there was an extra chair, sunscreen and an unlimited supply of Gatorades waiting on me.  Very fun and very sweet!

So all in all, a good weekend even though I’m not at 100%.  I go back to the rheumatologist tomorrow and then am heading to the lake with some friends for a long relaxing holiday weekend.

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  1. I know JUST what you went through getting that grill put together, AJ. Which makes it all the more sweet that you DID it, even though some mischievous, annoying gremlin threw that box of screws across the room. Bravo for remaining calm, cool and collected under pressure.

    Now I want to know how many screws were left over after the grill was finished. I also want to know what your first meal grilled on it is going to be, and whether or not I’m invited.

    Glad you’re on a positive track again. I didn’t mind one bit reading the posts you thought were whiney. We ALL need to just vent now and then, and who better to blow off steam with than your RA bloggy friends, who understand completely? Anytime you need to whine, do so. We spend so much energy being tough, AJ, to our friends and family, trying with all our strength not to show how much we hurt. You’re safe here.

    Hope your visit with your doc will go well tomorrow, and here’s my best wishes that you’ll have an absolutely wonderful time at the lake during your long weekend. 🙂

  2. I too get to the point where I am absolutely sick of me. Glad I’m not alone at my pity party. 😉

    I have made it ok to curl up in bed, or in my recliner in my room and let my daughters tend to my needs. Those days I watch movies on my laptop too. “Vicki, Christina, Barcelona”, “Julie and Julia”, “Mama Mia”, and “The Thomas Crown Affair” and my favorite escapes.

  3. Way to go on the grill assembly 😀 Great job!

    Life has its ups and downs. It’s okay to say that things really suck sometimes.

    The tomatoes… yum! Thanks for sharing

  4. Yeah, when things suck sometimes you just need to say they do – go girl! But well done on the grill assembly – and I’m with Wren here – want to know how many fixings were left over! (If there weren’t any then I’m guessing some escaped when the gremlin through them all out of the box.)

    Hope you’re feeling 110% soon!

  5. Ack, that’s part of what blogs are for surely? Letting off some steam. Awesome news about the job though, and achieving this mid-flare is incredible.

    I love the pic with the cat. I soooo want one, I love them so much, but I’m away a lot of weekends and I don’t think it’d be fair leaving it alone. Though I am going to grow old and be a crazy cat lady with 20 cats someday for sure!
    Take it easy!

  6. Thanks you guys- you are the best! You are ALL invited to my cookout as long as you keep in mind that specific temperature requests on your hamburgers may not be granted. Because I don’t know how to do that. 🙂 There were, um, quite a few parts leftover but mainly because I couldn’t gather them all up and had to go get another bag. I know…stupid gremlins!

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