Just a few thoughts on a Sunday


This is random and scattered.  Just a warning!

-I got my bill for my joint aspiration last month on Friday.  All in all, total cost of aspiration was about $400, most of which was covered by my insurance.  That’s a miracle.  Especially since it was coded as “in office surgery.” If I’d known I was having “surgery,” I would’ve made some special requests.  Namely that awesome laughing gas I received when they took my wisdom teeth.  

– I went to church with friends this morning.  I’m a bit of a church snob because my grandfather is a Methodist minister.  Let’s just say that Granddad would be none too impressed that I went in jeans and flip flops.  I was kinda weirded out by that too but with how my feet feel lately, flip flops are amazing.  Anyway, the pastor was talking about financial freedom and about how he’s not trying to tell us what to purchase and what not to purchase but rather that we need to make decisions that give us freedom from debt.  So I was bored (I know, it’s wrong to say I was bored at church…but I was) and started thinking about if there are any choices I could make that would give me freedom from RA.  Not freedom by not having it (trying to be realistic here) but freedom by marginalizing it, by “putting Baby in the corner.”  

I realize that I need to make better choices about my health.  I live how I live until I flare and then I get all self righteously indignant on how “I had a salad last week dang-it and it sure did have  lot of veggies and I chose the LOW FAT dressing too because that is how terribly committed I am to my health.”  But come on Amanda: if you were as terribly committed to taking better care of yourself as you say you are when you’re flaring, you would’ve had that salad chock full of veggies more recently than last week!

I do realize there are other things that factor into flares but with this one, I am my own worst enemy.  I am very successful at making dietary changes….for about two weeks.

And before I turn people off by appearing to be anything close to deep or broading, I will tell you that I got the silly giggles during the last song (hymn? is it still called a hymn in a contemporary setting?) when everyone around me was swaying with eyes closed and hands in the air.  

-And finally, you know you’re taking Prednisone when you walk in to pay for your gas and find yourself lustfully eyeing everything “Little Debbie.”  OMG Zebra Cakes.

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  1. Random and scattered are by far the best blogs, b/c it’s pure, unaltered truth. When I find myself bored in church, I always make it a point to think, “Yeah, okay, next Sunday…going someplace different!” Thankfully, I haven’t been bored in a while. I just want to say that it takes a WHILE to retrain yourself to eat properly. You remember me in Middle – High School? I was round as a bowling ball… I specifically remember looking like a black pumpkin. At 30, I’m STILL having to train myself to put the Little Debbie’s down and go grab some hummus. It’s just hard to retrain your brain since you learned what to eat from your parents. I’ve had to accept the fact that I’m going to slip up, but I try to make it a point to slip up less. “Yes, I had 2 slices of the double Peanut Butter cake… so for the next two weeks, working out everyday, and cold cereal!” It’s hard, and I don’t know that we ever get it perfect, but we DO learn what’s good for our bodies and we do increase our discipline in not putting bad things in them. Just keep trying.

  2. OMG! I just found your blog. You are such a hoot!! I don’t have RA, I have PSA (psoriatic arthritis). It’s comparable to RA in some ways, but different in others. Thanks for giving me such a good laugh. I’m in the middle of a nasty flare. STUPID DISEASE! A good laugh does wonders for the soul. 🙂 Thanks again… keep it up.

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