I’m tired.


I’ve had a go go go past few weeks.

I have:

-Spent a week in CA for work. Going to bed at midnight CA time but waking up automatically at 645 NC time does not make RA happy.

-Drank too much tequila my last night in CA and flew back to NC with an extreme hangover.

-Hangover plus stiffness from traveling plus lack of sleep=mini flare.

-Slept for two days. Fitfully because random places keep swelling.

-Went to bluegrass festival in the boonies.  Was the only ‘non-hippie’ there. LOL.  Was made to stand in the back of the bus on ride back to parking area.To quote my friend, “how do you feel being made to stand not just in the back of the bus, but in the back of THIS bus?”  Laughed hysterically and blasted Outkast on the way home. 

-Learned from this situation that even if I’m in a flare, I don’t hurt as bad if I do something I want to do vs something I have to do.  Would this be called selective RA? Ha.

-Hit my highest personal production my office has ever seen.

-Had to deal with some growing pains due to my increased production.  But growing pains because of increased production = good whereas growing pains caused by shrinking production = not good. 

-Stress from high production and growing pains = skipping lunch, not drinking enough water, increased fatigue.  Continued random pains.

-Found out our company’s chief sales officer (who is kind of scary…but very nice in person) would be spending a day with me….the day before she got there….and wanted to go with me on several client appointments. No stress.  While dealing with a mini flare.

-Pulled said appointments out of my rear.  Still not quite sure how I did that with such big prospects and such little notice.  Mini flare became ‘congratulatory flare.’

-Screwed up my Humira injection- it clicked like it normally does when it’s done.  It was not.  Spraying approximately $1200 worth of Humira all over your kitchen is not good for flare.  Or temper.

-Had my direct supervisor in town Monday – Wed this week.  Direct supervisor is a hoot but a horrible driver.  I thankfully did not get carsick.  Again.  Jolting around in a car for three days is not good for mini flare.

This weekend, I head to my cousin’s wedding.  If you don’t sense excitement, you may be correct.  Nothing against my cousin.  I love her and I’m very happy for her. But the last thing I want to do is to spend more time in a car, more time on my feet, making small talk dodging questions about both RA or why I’m still single at a dry wedding with vegan meal options in a barn in the middle of nowhere.  For real.

I need a massage.  And a break. 


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  1. Well, sounds like some of the accomplishments were worth the flare maybe? 🙂

    I know you like shoes. I haven’t bought any in a long time. But went out today in a comfortable pair of pants that are just a bit too long for flats or lower heeled shoes. Stopped into a store and found these pairs of shoes which are high enough, and amazingly enough, even with my painful feet, these felt pretty comfy. I got them in black. One pair for warmer weather and one for colder weather. Not “strappy” and cute-cute or go with dresses, but good enough for a “high heel” for someone with RA. Now if I could just cutten up my toes a little more. They’re not TOTALLY gnarly, but there getting there. And my nails sound like Wren’s. It is getting harder to cut them myself, and I may have to start paying someone to do them soon if my hips and feet get worse.

    Anyway, here’s links to pix of the shoes if anyone is interested:

    Calvin Klein sandals (Yessica midwedge with elastic):

    Softspot Suede Clog (Laana II in suede):

    • Oh, those are CUTE! I can wear heels like that too- the ones that are built up a little in the front seem to make it a lot more comfortable. Yes, my toenails are gnarly too. I actually have them painted black right now to hide weird ridges that I blame on meds and vitamin deficiencies. You know, because I’m so edgy. 🙂

  2. holy cow girl…you need a vacay on a beach somewhere with a cabana boy bringing you drinks! that sounds so good…I will be there with ya! LOL! Whew…hope you can finally wind down and get some rest! I’m still laughing about the vegan wedding in a barn! I’m from Arkansas…and have never been to a barn wedding! hehehe! hey..there is a bright side..tequila is gluten free 😉

    • The beach sounds AWESOME. No barn weddings in Arkansas? Well, if you are ever invited, I will be sure to take notes on etiquette for you. 🙂

  3. URGH!! Well hopefully once you get past the fun vegan wedding life will calm down a bit! Perhaps you can add selective deafness to the mix and when family say, ‘Hey, Amanda, you still single?’ just pretend you didn’t hear, look surprised to see them there and say, ‘Hi Bobby, you not had that nose job yet then?’ or whatever seems appropriate at the time …

  4. Sounds like a crappy week and you still can’t get any rest. I feel for you. And Humira – when it happened to me, I started crying hysterically. And I am sure adding a flare to that doesnt help either. Hang in there. Maybe you can squeeze that massage or a nap into that crazy schedule. (((Gentle hugs.)))

    • I’m so glad it’s not just me who’s done that! And then I spent 5 minutes thinking what do I do? I know I got some of it injected but I have no idea how much. Should I call the doctor and see if I should take another one? So frustrating.

  5. Oh dear that all sounds stressful even without throwing the RA into the deal!
    Next weekend make sure it’s one for you, close the curtains, turn off your phone, get a big tub of ben&jerrys and a box-set of your fave tv show. 🙂
    Hello, by the way. I read your blog all the time it’s awesome. Thought I’d say hey from bonnie Scotland.

    • Hahaha- that’s something I would do! Brain mess for sure! I’m so glad you’re reading and even more excited that you’re now blogging!!!

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