I am.


No really.  

I am.

Are you?

I sure hope so. 

Well, I actually wish you weren’t.  But if you are, I think you should and hope you do.

Because I am.  And I’m doing it for you too.  

Confused yet?

Ladies and gentlemen…for all of us who have whined, b*tched, and moaned over the fact that we don’t have a little yellow bracelet worn by Lance Armstrong (YUM) or snarky bumper stickers and shirts referencing breasts (FUNNY)…

I present to you the brand new “I am…” Silicone Autoimmune Arthritis Awareness Bracelet (CLEVER! CUTE! COMING SOON TO A MAILBOX NEAR YOU.)  

Produced by “Buckle Me Up” International Autoimmune Arthritis Movement (IAAM- I AM- get it? SEE- I TOLD YOU CLEVER!) to help raise awareness for autoimmune arthritis   and to help raise money to for our 501(c)(3) paperwork.  

“I Am…

A Leader for change,


A Believer in Progress,

And Rebranding Stereotypes.

I am an Advocate for

Autoimmune Arthritis Awareness.

Bracelets are $1.50 each and can be purchased here.  100% of profits benefit IAAM. Great for yourself, your loved ones, groups and teams!!!

I am.  Are you?

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