The good, the bad, and the really really ugly.


Or in this case,  the really really really “celebs without makeup immediately after bad plastic surgery  performed out of the country because it’s cheaper and nobody will find out but oh my God that’s a photographer and I’m really angry hence the glare” heinously ugly.

And the flare continues...

Isn’t my nodule hot?

It hasn’t looked this bad in years.  Yes, I have already scheduled an appointment.  I’m thinking it may be time to re-evaluate meds as I’ve been lucky on the same combo for a long time now.  

Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

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  1. Awwww amandajohn, that looks SO painful! My fingers are twinging in sympathy, really. I hope your appointment with your rheumatologist is very soon, and I hope you’ll take that photo with you if the swelling goes down between now and then (as it perversely often seems to do, at least in my experience. Sorta like that knock in the car’s engine that magically disappears when you take it to the garage…).

    Be gentle with yourself. I’m sending all the comfort and calm through the ether in your direction that I can. Let us know how you’re doing, OK?

  2. I hope your flare subsided very soon. RA bites doesn’t it?! My hand modeling days are over too…lol

    Sorry you are flaring so bad! Is the Humira working at all?

    Hugs and prayers your way 🙂

  3. Oh lord, that looks painful! I hope you can get a med combo that works better soon.

    Many happy thoughts being sent your way! 🙂 🙂 🙂 (What can I say? My niece always gets a kick out of the multiple smiley faces; hope you do, too!)

  4. Ow, ow, ow. I’m sorry.

    I hope your rheumatologist gets you in soon, and that you can figure out a way to kick this flare in the butt.

    I’m thinking of you.

  5. 😦
    I’m with Wren – take that photo along to your appointment (which I hope is really soon). Looking forward to hearing that you find something that does the trick for you! Hang in there.

  6. youch!!!!! that looks massively painful. But i do love your description…at least your sense of humor is still working, even if the meds aren’t. wishing you get soon…

  7. I have a ring finger that looks like that. Been that way for some months now, moves in funny ways, and now it looks like I’m making the Star Trek Vulcan “v” sign because the tendon is so loose. It doesn’t hurt so much anymore but is still just as swollen.

    It will be really interesting to compare pix of our hands ten, twenty, thirty years from now, eh?

  8. Oh Amanda that really sucks. I always read your blog (all the way from Bonnie Scotland) and think you’re fab. Wishing you a quick end to the flare x (gotta say, my right pointer finger is looking just about as sexy as yours, so maybe the two of them can hit it off.)

  9. ouch, ouch, ouch! wow! I feel so bad for you! Just curious to others who have replied here with RA…do you all have swollen knuckles like this? I never have. I was diagnosed with seronegative RA and I sometimes wonder about my diagnosis. I have joint pain, stiffness, fatigue and my sed rate and CRP are elevated but no obvious knuckle swelling. I do feel glad about that especially after seeing your pic amanda. That has got to be extremely painful. I sure hope you get some relief soon. Take care, Leslie

  10. Leslie, overall, it took a relatively long time for RA to SHOW NOTICEABLY like that in my fingers. They’ve had some slight swelling, mainly only noticeable to me and/or my doc during pretty much the whole time (14 yrs), but only in this last year has it started to get MORE noticeable in that ring finger and my thumbs (the middle knuckles). This doesn’t mean I didn’t/don’t have trouble with tendons and ligaments though – but has meant more functionality of the fingers. But a couple of times in the past I did need to get steroid shots for trigger finger from the RA. I have been lucky to not have much noticeable in the FIST knuckles either, though now one of my pointer fingers is starting to show that. However, damage has been showing on my xrays from fairly early on in joints that don’t appear to be obviously affected, including the start of ulnar deviation zig zag sign, though other than my Vulcan sign with a relaxed set of fingers, they still look “fairly” normal. I hate all the veins in the backs of my hands that make me look so much older, and even remarked on my last visit to her that I could tell of some progression in a few fingers in part because of pain, and increased veins to those fingers.

    My rheumy finds my “low visible finger damage” “interesting” since my wrists are soooo much more OBVIOUSLY affected (and I do have less functionality in terms of this). She’s not one big on xrays though, so she’s never xrayed my shoulders or feet which are the next worst for me, or my neck which we all know could be potentially dangerous. Go figure. I guess she’s a frugal doc and doesn’t want to contribute much to the overall rising costs of health care. I’ve had other related complications though that did require more tests, imaging and procedures and that contributed plenty by itself. Not to mention potential cummulative radiation dose, so I can’t totally knock her for it, though sometimes I do in my head. The question becomes, will the results of the imaging change her management of my disease or not. Sorry to side track like that. Point is, as Ashley said in her post yesterday, we are all different!

  11. thanks you two for replying! sorry Amanda for getting off track of your post. I’ve just read so many blogs with people talking about their swollen knuckles and then to see this pic…it made me wonder if I really have RA, esp since I am seronegative anyway. But, yes, I do have the joint pain and the doc noticed wrist swelling that I didn’t even know I had until it was gone after steroids. Amazing what we get used to huh? I also now have some hand weakness which I didn’t have before. I guess I should just be thankful my signs of RA are vague right now and quit doubting my diagnosis. Thanks guys.. Amanda..I hope the swelling gets better.

  12. You’re not off track, Leslie- I want to hear about how symptoms vary too. That’s part of the reason I posted the picture- I’ve had people who don’t know me well hear “hurting finger” and roll their eyes because they don’t have a visual. That’s one of the harder parts about RA- the variance in it between patient to patient. I only have two joints that swell like that- both pointer fingers. Normally, it’s nothing this extreme. In other joints, wrists for example, I have weakness and achiness but not visible swelling. You’re so right- it’s amazing what we get used to. I find myself wishing that it would just hurt only a little bit sometimes. I guess at this point its too much to hope for not hurting at all.

  13. anyone have early swanning? I saw pics on someones blog and now I can’t find the blog but they took a pic of their right hand with early swanning of the middle and index fingers. Its very vague but it is similar to mine. This was one of the things that alerted me to see the doc….my wrists hurt…my thumb joints hurt but I also had this weird lumpy thing happening with my fingers. My doc has never mentioned to me that they look like early swanning but her pic sure does resemble my fingers. It’s mainly my middle finger and its at the joint by my fingernail and it slightly curves. Anyone else have this? ugh..I hate RA! Amanda…I guess you are right…maybe it is too much to ask for to not hurt at all. I know I feel better in summertime so I’m hopeful these next few months will be better. Winter has been hell! We should all move to some remote island where its warm all year long and we have someone feed us grapes while we soak up some warm sunshine….(oh sorry…..dreaming again) hehe! 😀

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