Tolerating the fifth food group


I’ve started seeing a nutritionist, a decision which I will outline in more detail for you in a later post that I don’t have time to write but you can probably imagine why.

One of the things she has suggested is using “medical food” to help my body recover after flares and, in the interim, until I can successfully kick my Starbucks and chicken wing lifestyle to the curb in favor of a more, ummmm, well balanced diet plan.  It is a specialized blend of all sorts of junk and is made to reduce inflammation.  I am committing to trying it for 6 weeks.

So, medical food is my new “fifth food group.”  It is about as glamourous as it sounds.  

A few things I have learned over the past few weeks:

-If it looks like chalk and feels like chalk and smells like chalk, it will most likely taste like chalk.

-If you try to overcome said chalk sensation by purchasing a “flavored” variety, it will taste like flavored chalk.

-Chalky substances are downright horrible in both milk and fruit juice.

-Trying to force yourself to savor and drink something you’ve already decided looks, smells, and tastes nasty is not an easy task.

-The easiest way to consume this crap plain is to pinch your nose and CHUG, CHUG, CHUG.  (Hmmm, as I write this, I wonder if I could funnel it….)

So, this weekend while snowed in, I was determined to find a way to make this bearable if not tolerable.  Mimosa in hand, I started throwing everything produce wise I have into the equation. Yes, this is what I did when my friends were out having fun. And finally, I think I have cracked the code.

I used:

– 1 blender

-Chocolate Soy Milk

-100% all natural unsweetened cranberry juice (I think this was the magic ingredient- the tartness breaks up the chalkiness)

-Blackberries (I also tried it with strawberries and blueberries together and actually liked this even more)

-A small handful of baby spinach (no worries- you can’t taste it.  IRON!)

-A tablespoon or so of fresh ground flax seeds.

– Medical food as directed (mine calls for 2 scoops)

Blenderize and you’re good to go!

And the finished product…..looks remarkably like a chocolate milkshake.

I don’t see restaurants picking it up and I doubt I will ever be invited to be a guest on Rachel Ray (especially if you know anything about my cooking habits or general lack thereof) but it has a sweet and sour tang to it that is 500% better than it was plain.

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  1. Powdered protein supplements surely can be nasty — I’m still giggling over the “chalk” reference. That said, there are some good, natural ways of getting that protein in less chalk-like forms while still getting the good part. Plain, low-fat yogurt comes immediately to mind. Nuts, too.

    I love making smoothies with a blend of plain yogurt, soy milk, protein powder, a little Splenda, frozen fruit and ice. They end up about the consistency of a milkshake and are totally delicious. And you can always toss in those nuts, spinach leaves, flax seeds, etc. without ruining the whole thing. Lots of the good stuff and none of the bad. What’s to dislike?

    Best of luck to you as you make this change in your lifestyle, amandajohn. I’m speaking as a former cheeseburger/donut/chip addict — and I’m proof it not only works, but it’s survivable. You go, grrrrl!

  2. Sounds horrible. I’m glad you found something that will help you get it down though.

    My internist just suggested eating cherries for their anti-inflammatory properties. *shrugs* cherries aren’t so bad.

  3. I can’t wait to hear more about your nutritional plan. I strongly believe food has healing powers even if some of them taste completely awful first. Don’t be surprised if in two weeks you are craving these foods. 🙂 I use the unsweetened cranberry juice a lot and have to agree that it plays a magical part in getting down the chalky foods. Good luck!

    • I’ll definitely keep you posted! I’ve used the unsweetened cranberry juice for years just mixing it with water. I love how crisp it is! I also love it when people stay with me and pour themselves a cup thinking it’s normal cranberry juice. 🙂

  4. The things we will try in the name of health! Let me know if it helps…as I am about to go pop my tumeric (which I read in your list of your chalk, and I believe does help!!!)

  5. hey! i tried ultrainflammx for a few months last year. it does taste horrible. I got the spice flavor and mixed it with ice and sweetened soy milk and vanilla extract…still had to hold my nose. i hope it works for you!

    • It’s getting there. I just drink it fast. Did you notice any benefit to it? The verdict is still out in my opinion. I can tell differences in my stomach and my cravings but not so much in my joint swelling.

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